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Dates of Note

Why, yes, the MarsCon year begins and ends in March. Doesn't yours?

MarsCon planning meetings, a.k.a. ConCom meetings, take place through the year. You needen't be a member of the committee to attend; we welcome visitors, representatives of other groups, and the mildly curious. We promise to not press-gang you... unless you express an interest in volunteering. In that case you are so ours.

All ConCom meetings start at 1:00 pm and are at the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites. Check the events monitors once you arrive at the hotel to see which room we're in on that date.

We urge you to check out some of the other splendid conventions taking place in the Twin Cities area throughout the year.

March 9-11MarsCon
March 25Alien Autopsy
March 31-April 2Anime Detour [MarsCon Party!]
April 6-8MiniCon [MarsCon Party!]
May 19-20SpringCon
May 20MarsCon planning meeting
June 22-244th Street Fantasy Conversation
June 24MarsCon planning meeting
July 5-8CONvergence [MarsCon + Brit Con + Minnesota Space Frontier Society Party!]
August 3-4Cat Days (MNFurs)
August 3-5Diversicon
August 19MarsCon planning meeting (PR1 article deadline)
September 16MarsCon planning meeting (PR1 publication)
September 28-30Crypticon
October 5-7Gaylaxicon
October 14MarsCon planning meeting (Charity Auction voting)
October 19-21Arcana
October 19-21Conjecture
October 19-21Valleycon [MarsCon Party!]
November 3MarsCon Masquerade Ball
November 18MarsCon planning meeting (PR2 article deadline)
December 16MarsCon planning meeting (PR2 publication)
January 20MarsCon planning meeting
January 31Deadline for submitting Program Book write-ups to Publications Head
February 1-3SuperCon
February 10MarsCon planning meeting
February 15-17Con of the North
February 24MarsCon planning meeting (the "What did we forget?" meeting)
March 1-3MarsCon
March 24Alien Autopsy (MarsCon 2013 Post Convention Meeting)
4209 W. American Blvd.
Bloomington, MN 55437
May 24-26Brit Con (#1)

MarsCon 2013
March 1-3, 2013

Crowne Plaza Hotel and Suites

3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, MN 55425

Questions about MarsCon: info17d@marscon.org

There’s more about MarsCon on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are searching for the Marscon in Williamsburg, VA click here.

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