MarsCon 2015

March 6-8, 2015  
Heroes & Wizards & Fae
OHhh MYyy!!     

MarsCon 2015 Guests of Honor

Spice Williams-Crosby

Action Actress

Star Trek V photo
Spice as Vixis in Star Trek V

Spice Williams-Crosby spent her early years as a ranch kid in North Hollywood, California. She started her show-biz career working for 20th Century-Fox Records as a musician, singer, and dancer. At the age of 26, Spice turned away from drugs and drink and toward religion, nutrition, and bodybuilding.

as herself
Spice Williams-Crosby

Spice’s work in film and video takes place both on and off camera; as an actress, stunt double, fight choreographer, and stunt coordinator. She has appeared in Star Trek V, Star Trek: DS9, and… well… a lot of other things.

Official Spice Williams-Cosby site
Memory Alpha article
Credited roles at IMDb
Wikipedia article

Antoinette Bower


Star Trek TOS picture
Antionette as Sylvia in Star Trek

If you are a fan of televison shows from the 1960s thru 1980s you have likely seen several of Antionette’s roles. She has appeared in nearly 90 productions as diverse as Have Gun Will Travel, Mission: Impossible, Get Smart, and Kojak.

Notably, she appeared as the somewhat nasty Sylvia in the Star Trek episode “Catspaw”, in which she magiclly toasted Captain Kirk’s one true love, the beloved Enterprise, over a candle.

Filmography at IMDb
Wikipedia article
Biography at Memory Alpha

Robert Odegard

Artist / Photographer


I’m Robert Odegard. I’ve been involved with photography for 40 years and 25 years as a professional wedding photographer. I’ve photographed over 500 wedding, creating images that people treasure for a life time.

In the early 90’s, I started to follow the works of Boris Vallejo and other fantasy artists. I wanted to create fantasy with real people, making the images look real but impossible to exist.

In the 90’s, the technology to merge images together was limited to what I could do in the dark room while printing the images. Consequently, I could only do so much and it wasn’t very good. It took 10 years for the technology to catch-up to my visions. Now the sky (and beyond) is the limit. It’s now to the point, if I can imagine it, I can do it. I have specialized (but not limited) to fairies, angels, warriors, dragons and mermaids for their richest emotion in our culture.

My process starts with creating a concept, gathering the component images and blending them together into a seamless flow between fantasy and reality. I what the viewer to believe for a moment that the fantasy is real!

Dream big and pursue your goals. The joy you obtain can then be pasted on to others.

Thank you
Robert Odegard

I’m a 3rd Degree Black belt in Shotokan Karate and I currently teach and train at the Lakeville Shotokan Karate Club. I build robots for fun and currently working on a four legged walking robot and a member of the Twin Cities Robotics Club. I’m a Software Engineer since 1982, working on everything from embedded to client-server systems.

Odegard Photography

Lyda Morehouse


Lyda Morehouse
credit: Terry Faust

Lyda Morehouse leads a double life. By day she is the science fiction author of the award-winning AngeLINK series. At night she transforms into the best-selling vampire romance writer, Tate Hallaway, author of the Garnet Lacey series and the young-adult vampire princess of Saint Paul series. As Lyda she’s won the Shamus (a mystery award) for Archangel Protocol, and came in second for the Philip K. Dick award for Apocalypse Array. She lives in Saint Paul with her partner of twenty-four years, eight-year-old son, four cats, two gerbils and a multitude of fishes.

Lyda Morehouse website
entry at Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Richard Tatge

Fan / Game Master

gaming, naturally
Richard Tatge
credit: Ben Huset

Richard Tatge is a connoisseur of tie-dye, blinky lights, science-fictional books, movies, songs—and games. He started hosting gaming parties because he happened to have the most games of the people he knew at the time, and has hosted near-weekly game parites for nigh onto 40 years. The game count in Richard’s library is somewhere beyond 6000. (If you arrive at his house on a Friday night and there isn’t a gaming party underway, it’s highly likely there is an SF Con in progress somewhere in town.)

Game Meister of Kingfield

Eric Wile

Game Designer

Eric pix
Eric Wile

Eric is a game designer who worked for both Verant Interactive and Sony Online Entertainment in San Diego, California. He has also worked with Big Idea Interactive and SCEA (Sony Computer Electronics America).

A job with Verant Interactive prompted a move to San Diego from Denver in 2002, Where after a few months, the company was acquired by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Initially hired for Tech Support, he went on to work in many roles including Game Master for EQ, Quality Assurance, Information Technology, Development, Level Design and Storyboarding.

In his career he received back to back Team Member of the Month, as well as awarded the Sony Achievement award for his work on EverQuest Macintosh Edition. While at SOE, Eric worked on the development of several games including PlanetSide, Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest II, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

Rob Paravonian

Musician / Dementia Artist

Rob Paravonian

Besides having several hits on The Dr. Demento Show, Rob Paravonian is a standup comedian known the world over for his Pachelbel Rant and viral videos which have been viewed millions of times. Using music to get the laughs, Rob has opened for George Carlin and Lily Tomlin, has appeared on Comedy Central and VH1, and has toured everywhere from Alaska to Afghanistan. His intelligent material and likeable demeanor get audiences laughing at everything from classical music to themselves. With wit and charm, this “polite smart ass” mixes music and comedy as well as he mixes his Midwestern friendliness with big city edginess. A veteran comic and a solid musician, Rob Paravonian is a unique comedian who has brought laughs to people the world over. Rob is an old friend to many of the participants of the MarsCon Dementia Track, and we are very happy to finally have him here as our Music Guest Of Honor.

credit: Luke Ski

Rob Paravonian’s appearance is sponsored by Dementia Radio .org.

Rob Paravonian website
YouTube channel
Pachabel Rant
Dementia Radio .org

Dave Duca
Mike Glielmi

Prop Masters

Dave in his work
Dave Duca
credit: Ben Huset

Dave Duca from Oconto WI, is an announcer for their local radio station, and enjoys the many ambitions in the Community and Events. Born in Green Bay, Dave’s hobbies and interests go anywhere from astronomy, shortwave radio, rotary cam engines, UAVs, and Bread Pudding. He finds it fascinating, taking things apart to figure out how they work. “Anything from a simple space shuttle to a complex door knob….will do” His fort’e is literally anything autonomous, including Daleks. He goes on to say that, these Kaled Creature Machines are a wonderful exercise in frugal budgets and recycling. “…it’s amazing what a person can make in a McGyyver State of Mind…” These past few years of making Daleks with my good friend Michael has enhanced everything so much more. “…Attending Conventions as a proper Dalek, has earned a greater interest in the younger set, than I ever could’ve imagined…” he says.

Mike Glielmi
credit: Ben Huset

Mike Glielmi, residing in Holland Town WI, is a mechanical designer of wide experience. Born in Chicago Ill., he fell in love with all things sci-fi well before he attended school. Science fiction and fantasy are ever present in the warp and woof of his life. Dr. Who has, for a very long time, been the golden threads in that weave. Then Mike once dared to ask his very good friend Dave Duca, a kindred spirit in all things Whovian, if Dave would consider making a Dalek for the purposes of attending conventions. Mike was already an avid attender of many conventions, often showing up at such events in costume. “What better costume than a Dalek?” Mike thought. Little did the unsuspecting resident of Holland Town know how such a question would "Release the hounds!" The hounds have not stopped running since! In the years after that fateful question, Daleks have been flying from Dave’s residence of “Porchwood” at a dizzying pace. Now, Mike also has been creating Daleks from his residence in Holland Town. Wisconsin is soon to be over-run with the children of the “Cult of WISkaro”… the name Dave and Mike have coined for the group of Dalek creators.

The goal of the “Cult of WISkaro” is to build the most life-like, fully operational Daleks ever seen anywhere. (With a few surprises along the way!) By doing this we hope to greatly enhance the Dr. Who experience for all the fans, and promote all things Dr. Who, the greatest Science fiction genre ever conceived!

Featured Guest

Sammi Kat

Sammi Kat

Author Sammi Kat is a 30-something wife of a U.S. Army soldier and the mother of a son with high-functioning autism. She’s been writing almost nonstop as far back as anyone remembers. This is the first book for the Minnesota writer. In her spare time, she makes costumes, jewelry, and has a passion for superhero movies.

Sammi Kat website

Other Guests of Distinction


Christopher Jones Illustrator
2001 Guest of Honor
Chris is a professional illustrator and comic book artist, having worked for comic book publishers including DC, Marvel, Slave Labor Graphics, Image, Malibu, Caliber, and more. Most of Chris’ work in recent years has been penciling and inking for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He was the regular artist on Young Justice, based on the hit Cartoon Network animated TV series, providing pencils, inks and covers for the comic, which was written by the TV series head writer Greg Weisman. During the same period, Chris was also contributing stories and covers to Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, based on that popular animated TV series.

Chandra Reyer Illustrator
Chandra is an artist from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. She graduated with a degree from the University of Minnesota’s Fine Arts department. Primarily working in watercolor, marker, and Chinese ink brush, she enjoys experimenting in whatever art medium happens to cross her path. Influenced by imaginative realism, Chinese paintings, the Masters and the master illustrators, her subjects tend toward the fantastical, along with dinosaurs and birds. It’s rumored that she may be a bit more than a little geeky. She continues to live in Minnesota with her husband, daughter, two really naughty, evil genius dogs and a Ragdoll cat who thinks she is also an evil dog.


William Alexander
William Alexander won the National Book Award in 2012 for his first novel, Goblin Secrets, and the Earphones Award for his narration of the audiobook. His second novel, Ghoulish Song, was a finalist for the Mythopoeic Award. He recently published Ambassador, his third novel and first work of science fiction.

Will studied theater and folklore at Oberlin College, English at the University of Vermont, and creative writing at Clarion. He currently teaches at the Vermont College of Fine Arts program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. For more info visit

S.N. Arly
St. Paul science fiction and fantasy writer, S.N. Arly has had short stories featured at, a limited edition DragonCon 2000 chapbook, several issues of Tales of the Unanticipated, and most recently the WolfSongs anthology. She has received two honorable mentions from the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest. She is a member the local critique group Guts and Rocks. Facebook page:

Eleanor Arnason
2007 Guest of Honor
Eleanor A. Arnason is an American author of science fiction novels and short stories. Her work often depicts cultural change and conflict, usually from the viewpoint of characters who cannot or will not live by their own societies’ rules. This anthropological focus has led many to compare her fiction to that of Ursula K. Le Guin. She lives in Minnesota. Eleanor is the author of five published novels, and a number of poems and short stories. She has received both the James Tiptree, Jr. award for “gender-bending SF,” and the Mythopoeic Society’s Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for the novel A Woman of the Iron People, the Spectrum Award (for “Dapple”) and the HOMer Award (for “Stellar Harvest”). Also the Minnesota Book Award for Ring of Swords. Her earlier novels are: The Sword Smith, To the Resurrection Station, and Daughter of the Bear King. Her short stories include “The Warlord of Saturn’s Moons” (which has been reprinted several times), “The Lovers” (a preliminary nominee for awards in 1996), “Ace 167,” “The Hound of Merin,” and many others which have appeared in Orbit, New Improved Sun, Tales of the Unanticipated, Xanadu, A Room of One’s Own, New Women of Wonder, The Norton Book of SF, and other places.

Ruth Berman
Ruth Berman has published fiction and poetry in many magazines and anthologies, including science fiction, fantasy, general, and literary publications. Her novel Bradamant’s Quest was published by FTL Publications, and she is one of the contributors to the anthology Lady Poetesses from Hell, by the LPFH. She is one of the co-authors of Autumn World by Joan M. Verba et al., and has written articles on sf/fantasy for many journals. Books she edited: Dear Poppa (MN Historical Society), The Kerlan Awards in Children’s Literature (Pogo Press), Sissajig and Other Surprises (short fantasy by Oz author Ruth Plumly Thompson). She is a longtime Twin Cities fan. Read more at

Cynthia Booth
Cynthia Booth is a published poet, short story writer, and internationally awarded playwright presently residing in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Roy C. Booth
Roy C. Booth hails from Bemidji, Minnesota, and is a published author, game designer, comedian, poet, journalist, essayist, screenwriter/doctor, but is mostly known as an internationally awarded playwright with 56 plays published with over 750 productions of his work in 28 different countries with translations in seven other languages to date. A prolific writer on his own, Roy is also known for collaborating with Brian Keene, William F. Wu, R. Thomas Riley, and others on a wide variety of other projects as well. Roy and his wife, Cynthia, have owned and operated Roy’ Comics & Games in Bemidji for over 20 years now, and Roy’s work can be found at,,, and elsewhere.

P M F Johnson
P M F Johnson has published dozens of poems, including genre poetry in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, and Tales of the Unanticipated, mainstream poetry in Threepenny Review and Nimrod, and haiku in Modern Haiku, Acorn, and a couple “Best Of” anthologies. Along with his wife, Sandra Rector, he has published stories in Amazing Magazine and several pro anthologies. His web site is at

Naomi Kritzer
2008 Guest of Honor
Naomi Kritzer is the author of three fantasy novels in her “Dead Rivers” series: Freedom’s Gate (2004), Freedom’s Apprentice (2005), and Freedom’s Sisters (2006), and short fiction in Realms of Fantasy, Strange Horizons, and Tales of the Unanticipated. Naomi recently completed a children’s fantasy novel in which a ten-year-old Minneapolis girl notices that no one else can see one of the houses on her block. Website:

Craig R. Lang
Craig Lang is a UFO and anomaly researcher with Minnesota MUFON, the local chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. He investigates sighting and encounter reports in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Craig is a Certified Hypnotherapist, with the National Guild of Hypnotists. His “day job” is as a computer engineer, working with a medical electronics firm in the Twin Cities. Mr. Lang has been interested in astronomy, ET life and UFOs since childhood. He is the author of two nonfiction books on UFO abduction, The Cosmic Bridge and The Other Side of the Sky, The Cosmic Bridge Companion. He is an amateur radio operator (KC0ZH), and also dabbles in writing science fiction. Websites: and

Catherine Lundoff
Catherine Lundoff is a former archeologist, former grad student and former bookstore owner turned professional computer geek and award-winning author and editor. She is a transplanted Brooklynite who now lives in Minneapolis with her wife and the two cats which own them. Silver Moon (Lethe Press, 2012) is her latest book. Website:

Michael Merriam
Michael Merriam is an author of speculative fiction and spoken- word performer living in Hopkins, MN. He has published a novel, two short story collections, three single-title novellas, and over 80 pieces of short fiction and poetry. His novella, Should We Drown in Feathered Sleep, was long-listed for the Nebula Award in 2010, and his novel Last Car to Annwn Station was named a Top Book in 2011 by Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Fiction. Michael is the co-organizer of the Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers, and a member of the Artists with Disabilities Alliance, the Outer Alliance, the Steampunk Artists and Writers Guild, and Story Arts Minnesota. Visit his homepage at

G. David Nordley
2014 Guest of Honor
G. David Nordley was born and raised in Minneapolis and Golden Valley, Minnesota. His main interest as a writer is the future of human exploration and settlement of space, and his stories typically focus on the dramatic aspects of individual lives within the broad sweep of a plausible human future. His novella Kremer’s Limit, written with C. Sanford Lowe, appeared in the July/August 2006 issue of Analog. A collection of linked Mars-related stories was published as an electronic book by Scorpius Digitalin September 2001, with a print version appearing in 2003 (sold out). His novel To Climb a Flat Mountain (first appearing as a serial in Analog) was published (ebook and print-on-demand) by Variations on a Theme Publishing. He is a four-time winner of the AnLab, the Analog reader’s award for best story or article of the year, and has also been a Hugo and Nebula award nominee. Website:

Sandra Rector
Sandra Rector has sold short stories to Dublin Quarterly Review, Black Petals and Pedestal Magazine. Along with her husband P M F Johnson, she has also sold stories to numerous anthologies and magazines such as Amazing Stories, Whatdunnits and Xanadu 2. Their story “A Dwelling in the Evening Air,” was nominated for a Theodore Sturgeon award. Her poetry has been published in Poetic Voices, Poetry Motel and Modern Haiku. She has sold numerous articles and essays to such publications as The Washington Post, Cooking Light and East/West. Previously she was an associate editor of Tales of the Anticipated. Currently she writes “Tuesday Tips,” a self help blog at

Ozgur K. Sahin
Ozgur K. Sahin is a local author and life coach with a background in astrophysics, history, and consciousness development. The Wrath of Brotherhood, book one of his historical pirate trilogy, Brethren of the Spanish Main, is currently available in eBook formats with a print version in the works. His weekly column, “Elitism For All,” appears in the Calamities Press eMagazine and deals with personal development stemming from self-awareness, as well as its doppleganger: entitled elitism resulting from rampant narcissism in our society.

Michael Spence
Michael Spence has been published in a number of venues, most notably the Sword and Sorceress anthology. His solo stories include “Why the Sea Is Boiling Hot,” “The Music of the Spheres,” and “One Drink Before You Go” in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Worlds. He has collaborated with Elisabeth Waters on “Salt and Sorcery” and numerous other stories in the Sword and Sorceress anthology.

Kathryn Sullivan
Kathryn Sullivan is an award-winning author from Winona. Her children’s picture book Michael & the Elf has been reprinted by Guardian Angel Publishing. She also has an essay in the Hugo winning Chicks Dig Time Lords and a review in Outside In: 160 New Perspectives on 160 Doctor Who stories by 160 writers. “The Taste of Treasure” is her newest short story in Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells. Any birdlike beings in her books only slightly resemble her cockatoo owner. Website:

Saymoukda Vongsay
Saymoukda D. Vongsay is a Lao American poet and playwright whose work has been published by literary journals, lifestyle magazines, almanacs, newspapers, anthologies, and scholastic journals nationwide. Her experience in literary arts and community engagement has been invaluable to the work and programming of organizations like the Smithsonian Institute, the MN Historical Society, Paj Ntaub Voice Literary Journal, and the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre in Luang Prabang, Laos.

She is the recipient of the 2010 Alfred C. Carey Prize in Spoken Word Poetry (NY), the 2012 and 2011 Jerome Foundation/Mu Performing Arts Fellowship in Theater, and a 2012 Storytelling Fellowship from the MN State Arts Boards’ Folk and Traditional Arts Grant. She has been recognized as a 2011 Change Maker by Intermedia Arts, was the only Honorable Mention named for the 2011 MN Emerging Writer Grant, and has received scholarships from the Loft Literary Center (MN/prose seminar), the Joyce Foundation/Alliance of Artist Communities (IL/arts administration), and the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (DC/public policy). She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Intermedia Arts, The Saint Paul Almanac (literary), the Saint Paul Foundation’s Asian Pacific Endowment Fund (philanthropy), and the Dispute Resolution Center. Her play, Kung Fu Zombies vs Cannibals, has been produced by Mu Performing Arts.

Other Notable Guests

TV's Kyle

Kyle Carrozza
By day, Kyle Carrozza works as a professional in the television animation industry, but by late-afternoon/early-evening he becomes TV’s Kyle, churning out quirky, catchy, original comedy tunes for all to enjoy! He does a cartoon podcast with Luke Ski called Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons, and he teamed up with Insane Ian to form “Scooter Picnic”, a collaboration which has netted them 2 Logan Award nominations, and a lot of weird screaming at each other. Website:

Carrie Dahlby

Carrie Dahlby
In 2014 Carrie released her 3rd album Sing All Funny Jokes, and frequently appears in songs by other members of the FuMP. Last year she debuted her duet with Earl ‘Wyngarde’ Luckes about the sweet bliss of being a parent who finally gets some time to watch the R-rated movies and geeky TV shows they love away from their kids, “Almost Parent Time”. That track went on to hit #5 on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 of 2014. Her podcast Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport continues to exist.

Tony Goldmark

Tony Goldmark
After a 10 year absence, Tony Goldmark returns to MarsCon to perform hits from his latest CD, “Goldmark After Dark”. From that album, his ode to TV pundits “The Guy On TV Is Not Happy” was #6 on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 of 2010, and was also nominated for a Logan Award for Outstanding Original Song. Since the last time he was here, he started a successful web review show called “Some Jerk With A Camera”, in which he does video reviews of theme park attractions, mainly concentrating on the Disney Parks. The show can be seen on his Blip TV page, as well as on Channel Awesome.

Feng Shui Ninjas

Feng Shui Ninjas
The Feng Shui Ninjas are Dave Stagner, John Kentner, Justin Hartley, and Tami Murck. But the band is way more than the sum of its parts. The four singer/multi-instrumentalists draw from every music we have ever heard (whether we like it or not!), and synthesize it into sounds that feel both new and ancient, like the music you didn’t realize you have been hearing all your life. Website:

Power Salad

Chris Mezzolesta
By day, Chris is a professional voice-over artist whose voice can be heard in commercials for Kaopectate and Menards. But when the moon is full, he gets out the vacuum cleaner and scares his cat into submission! His song “Letter From A Cruise Ship (Hello Mudduh, Hello Faddah! 2013)” won a Logan Award in 2014, however it’s his 30 plus years of making sketch audio and comedy music make him the wise elder of the scene, but mostly he just yells about tile and honey mustard.

Worm Quartet

If I were to pick one word to describe Worm Quartet, that word would be ‘indescribable’. ShoEboX, the sole member of this synth-punk comedy-rock force-to-be-reckoned-with is so beloved at MarsCon that if he showed up and performed nothing but klezmer covers of Justin Beiber songs, the fans would still demand an encore. He’s topped Dr.Demento’s charts many times, and he won a Logan Award for a song about his vasectomy. And deservedly so. Website:

Luke Ski

The Great Luke Ski
Luke Ski is The Dr. Demento Show’s most requested act of the 21st Century. He’s won 2 Logan Awards for “Outstanding Parody Song” for “Snoopy The Dogg” in 2012 and his ‘Disney buys Star Wars’ epic medley “When You Wish Upon A Death Star” in 2013. This is his 13th MarsCon in a row, and this year marks the 12th year of the MarsCon Dementia Track. He was doing comedy songs about nerdy topics decades before it was cool. Ditto for making references to bacon. In 2014 he released his 11th album 4th Grade Talent Show, the lead single of which “Fake Adult” was #1 on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 of 2014, the 4th time he has had a song that was #1 for the year. Website:

Devo Spice

Devo Spice
Devo Spice is a nerdcore and comedy rapper from New Jersey who calls himself “the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem” and is one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. He is a five-time Logan Award nominee, and hosts the comedy music podcasts Manic Mondays and the FuMPcast along with Luke Ski. His Doctor Who concept album I Am The Doctor has 11 tracks about each of the 11 Doctors (pre-Capaldi), and he just released his latest CD, “Herp Derp, Ya Don’t Sterp”. Webiste:

Sponge Awareness Foundation

Sponge Awareness Foundaion
The Sponge Awareness Foundation is made up of Kevin Eldridge and Ed Lecuyer, a duo who spent the 90′s and early 2000′s creating comedy music which didn’t necessarily increase anyone’s awareness of the existence of sponges in their vicinity. Their biggest hit on “The Dr. Demento Show”, a hard rock holiday tune titled “An Axl Christmas” is a perennial favorite on the show and was featured on one of Dr. Demento’s Basement Tapes CDs. Last year Kevin performed their other Funny Five classic “Greg Brady Wants Me Dead” during the Dementia Fan Showcase. Amazingly, we managed to talk them out of retirement to come do the first S.A.F. show in many years at MarsCon 2015.

MarsCon 2015
Heroes & Wizards & Fae - OHhh MYyy!!
March 6-8, 2015

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