MarsCon 2015

March 6-8, 2015  
Heroes & Wizards & Fae
OHhh MYyy!!     

Why YES, there will be parties!

Here are the parties and late-night events we have scheduled.

Second Floor

Owl Overlook - Karaoke Krypt
Experience the future of Karaoke. The Krypt returns with more blinky lights than ever. We guarantee you will feel like you are back in the 80s. It’s fun, it’s timeless, it’s 9 PM to 3 AM Friday and Saturday Nights. Let’s do the Time Warp again!!

White Pelican Bay - Dance Rave
Get ready for a hip hopping, dubstepping, jive talking, musicbroom. Come in to shake your groove thang or just to listen and watch the laser show. Live DJs spinning the latest in techno and dubstep remixes into the wee hours. Contact Music Man Mark with song suggestions and he’ll do his best so find it for you. Better yet? Create your own playlist and he’ll hook it up to the speakers!

Fourth Floor

400 - Musician’s Lounge

416 - Security Lounge

417 - A/V Room
We will bring you the great cult classics, great geeky films and a few surprises along the way. The A/V Room needs your help—if you love films, please help out the A/V room by volunteering! Sponsored by Geek Partnership Society. See program schedule for the final movie list.

419 - Krushenko’s
Krushenko’s and its sometime partner, Krushenko’s Annex (Room 420), are spaces that encourage conversation about science fiction and fantasy at SF conventions. Krushenko’s, named after a Manhattan bistro in Larry Niven’s novel Ringworld, started at the 1983 Minicon, and now also travels to CONvergence, Diversicon, and Arcana in the Twin Cities and WisCon in Madison. A regular feature of MarsCon since 1999, Krushenko’s (with help from the Annex) this year serves up panels and discussions about SF in literature and other media in the daytimes, and conversational SF-related parties in the evenings. “Krushenko’s is accustomed to serving alien guests!”

Friday, 8:30pm - #32 Tales of the Unanticipated Party
Come meet with staff of and contributors to this long-running (since 1986!) Twin Cities speculative fiction magazine-anthology. Shake hands with lovely back issues, and get some teasers about TOTU #32, due out end of 2015/beginning of 2016.

Saturday, 8:30pm - Bandana Square Cons Party
Co-hosted by Con-Sarnit Eight, Friday and Saturday, June 5 and 6; Diversicon 22, July 24-26, with Guest of Honor Ytasha L. Womack and Special Guest Rob Callahan; and Arcana, October 23-25, Guest TBA.

Sunday, 7:30pm - A Party for Readers and Viewers
Sponsored by Second Foundation, a Twin Cities speculative fiction book discussion group that has met regularly since January 1983, whose members are also film buffs. Space allowing, we’ll combine conversation, gaming, and viewers’ choice.

420 - Krushenko’s Annex

423 - Programming Green Room

424 - Cosmic Tulip Lounge (10pm - 1am)
15th Anniversary of the Cosmic Tulip Lounge!

425 - Valleycon (9pm - 1am)
ValleyCon returns to MarsCon with Captain Kirk’s House of Ill-Repute! Shake it with the Captain and check out the major surprises heading to ValleyCon this fall!

426 - Crypticon’s ClOwNSUITE
Weird horror films?
Drinking games?
4 Horsemen death Chili?
Obnoxious but witty and handsome clown host?
Double check.

Crypticon is honored to be part of the after hour shenanigans at Marscon this year!

ClOwNSUITE is coming. Get ready for funny business.

427 - Anime Twin Cities Anime Lounge (6pm - 2am)

428 - Rampant Loon Press (6pm - midnight) Book release party for Rampant Loon Press author Tyler Tork

429 - The Dude’s Abode (9pm - 1am)
The Big Lebowski

430 - Karaoke & Desserts (7pm - 2am)
Sing karaoke from the 7,500+ song list and sample some amazing gourmet desserts.

500 - THE 70s ROCK
A loving tribute to 70s Sci Fi, pop culture, and music.

Fifth Floor

502 - Harry Potter Hogwarts’ Great Hall (8pm to midnight both Friday and Saturday)
There will be Butter Beer, and pumpkin bars, and prizes awarded for the O.W.L. level trivia contest. Hagrid has promised to make an appearance, and there will be other HP characters to mingle with.

517 - Massage Room
Rue Morgue Massage, the crew with the magic touch, returns to MarsCon and joins the ranks of the Hospitality Guild. See Reiki Master Joe and team for their famous back and full body massage. Or Drop into the Black Hole and vibrate your way through space and time. Escape may be impossible loosing track of time probable.

519-520 - Con Suite
Snacks and drinks will be there to be had by all. If you want to help, join the crew.

521-522 - Con Suite Prep
Join the crew! Pour some chips. Wash some trays. You are invited to volunteer for the glamorous role of Con Suite staff upon entry into these rooms.

524 - The Royal Manticoran Navy/Manticon (7:00pm to Midnight)
The Royal Manticoran Navy celebrates the heroic actions of author David Weber’s Honor Harrington. Join us for an interesting beverage, some tasty treats and to find out about the upcoming MantiCon event on Memorial Weekend.

526 - Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub (7:00pm to late)
Music circles, board and card games, and craft beer

527 - Restroom

528 - Restroom

529 - Barely Legal
The RakeHell celebrates 21 years of mayhem and we’re finally legal because the statute of limitations has expired. Hosted by IKV RakeHell

531 - USS Nokomis/WDF
My! People come and go so quickly here! Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more… come see what being over the rainbow is like… follow the yellow brick road.

1200 - Snarky’s Café
Join Snarky’s Café, and Lady Jan and her staff will keep the agents of hunger at bay. For a low price in addition to MarsCon registration fee, MarsCon attendees who volunteer 5+ hours and Dealers stuck at their posts may enjoy three meals a day from start of Con to the end. All food served in Snarky’s is purchased with money from Snarky’s Registrations – not Con Funds.

Send any additional questions to parties,. We thank you for your patience during this time while we work with the hotel during their reconstruction.

Party Floor Maps

4th floor map

5th floor map

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Rooms on the 4th floor will be normally furnished. If you want bed removal on this floor the hotel will charge $50.00. Carpets on this floor should be covered to protect against spills. The 5th floor will be undergoing construction; half of the floor is unavailable.Carpets will not need to be covered. All beds will be removed from this floor (no bed removal charge). The hotel will provide tables, chairs, lamps, and television sets. (Work with parties,to get the right selection of furnishings for your party.)

Party hosts may wish to use this typical room layout drawing to plan their party layouts. Remember: your actual room may be a mirror image of this drawing, and may in fact differ in small or large ways: it’s a drawing of a room, not your room.

Rates for each floor remain at $99.00 + taxes per night.

If you are planning to host a party, please fill in this Party Request Form:

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 Sat/Sun, March 7/8 Not needed Room, no party Party night
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MarsCon 2015
Heroes & Wizards & Fae - OHhh MYyy!!
March 6-8, 2015

Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport/Mall of America
3800 American Blvd. E.
Bloomington, MN 55425

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