MarsCon 2016

Probable Program Schedule

(as of March 04 2016 09:23)

This schedule includes changes made since our program book went to the printers. Be aware: there will continue to be changes right up to closing ceremonies (a MarsCon tradition).

Where Can I Find Events?


2nd floor, Ballroom III/IV
Mainstage is the place for big events such as Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Masquerade Cosplay, Charity Auction, media guest talks, concerts, stage performances and musical jams!

Masquerade Lounge

2nd floor, Blue Heron
Over the years, programming in the Masquerade Lounge has grown substantially, from almost nothing to over 20 hours of costume related panels, demos and discussions. There will be plenty of programming related to costumes (the regulars & some newer topics) as well as prop making panels.

Free Mars

2nd floor, Cardinal Perch
Free Mars will feature miscellaneous programming, i.e., hard sciences discussions, talks about our favorite sci-fi/fantasy movies and television series, gaming, Klingons, music, and as many other fannish topics as we can fit into the space.

Re(a)d Mars

2nd floor, Eagle’s Nest
Re(a)d Mars, exclusive to MarsCon since the early 21st century, will focus mainly on literary discussions and readings, but there will be a touch of art and other SF media, as well as speculative science.


2nd floor, Hawk’s Ridge
Anime/YA is a place for discussions about anime, young adult fiction and other topics of interest to young fans. The room will also feature a few anime showings.

A/V Room

11th floor, 1102
The A/V room is happy to team up with the Geek Partnership Society. Come see Geeky classic films and independent films. The A/V room is always looking for Volunteers / Minions if you want to help out. By helping out and covering a film for us, you will get a cool “Film Crew” Ribbon.

A note to parents, please be aware that there are “R” and “NR” rated films that will be shown thoughout this weekend. Please, if you do not want your children to see “R” or “NR” rated films, please keep them out of the A/V room at the time they are shown. We do not have time to check to make sure there are no underage people watching the films. Also some “NR” films might not be suited for children, if you have any questions please ask at the A/V room’s Film Crew. (Film Crew will have ribbons on their badges that say, “MarsCon Film Crew“.)

Do note that film running times are an estimate and could change without notice.

Krushenko’s Lounge

11th floor, 1117
Krushenko’s is a space that encourages conversation about science fiction and fantasy at SF conventions. Krushenko’s, named after a Manhattan bistro in Larry Niven’s novel Ringworld, started at the 1983 Minicon, and now also travels to CONvergence, Diversicon, and Arcana in the Twin Cities and WisCon in Madison. A regular feature of MarsCon since 1999, Krushenko’s this year serves up panels and discussions about SF in literature and other media in the daytimes, and conversational SF-related parties in the evenings. “Krushenko’s is accustomed to serving alien guests!”

Karaoke Krypt

11th floor, 1119
Experience the future of Karaoke. The Krypt returns with more blinky lights than ever. We guarantee you will feel like you are back in the 80s. It’s fun, it’s timeless, it’s 9 PM to 3 AM Friday and Saturday Nights. Let’s do the Time Warp again!! Hosted by Gene Stoneman and Carla Simonson

Children’s Programming

2nd floor, Mallard Point
This room will host children’s programming and provide an activity center which is kid-friendly.

Dance & Demos

2nd floor, White Pelican
By day, see live demos on subjects like dance, weapons, stunts, self defense and yoga. By night, learn about burlesque and shake your groove thang or just listen and watch the laser show while live DJs spin the latest in techno and dubstep remixes, and take song requests into the wee hours.

What Will I Find? When Will I Find It?

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Registration opens, 2nd Floor
Friday 12:00 pm
Pick up badges, program books, pocket programs, gaming schedules and swag, and start checking out our new spaces. After-hours, you may register at the Operations Desk (just across from Registration).

Freeform Arts/Crafts
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Friday 02:00 pm
Release the creativity of the universe!
Supplies and instructions available to create Doctor Who themed crafts.

Dealers’ Room opens
Friday 03:00 pm
Ballroom I/II - Buy something fun!

Prop-A-Torium opens
Friday 03:00 pm
Prop-A-Torium: Episode 10

1st floor, Meadows

We’re back for year 10. Come see what new props we have, and the return of our favorite props. From Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Stargate, Middle-Earth Saga, and so much more from movies and TV shows. We have Fan Made Props, “Officially Licensed” Props, a few actual Screen-Used Props. Come by the Prop-A-Torium!

Photos will be allowed in the Prop-A-Torium. Please ask us if you can touch or take videos of the props you see in the Prop-A-Torium.

Art Show opens
Friday 03:00 pm
1st Floor, Riverside - Bid on a masterpiece! Three bids will ensure that items make it into the auction on Saturday.

3:00-4:30 p.m. - Stop by the Art Show to see Christine create a fantasy oil painting without solvents. The piece will be available for bidding and the live auction Saturday. Christine loves talking shop so questions are welcome!
With: Christine Mitzuk
Anime viewing
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Friday 03:00 pm
Lots of anime viewing throughout the weekend, many titles courtesy of FUNimation!

Movie (NR)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Friday 03:00 pm

Science Room opens
Friday 04:00 pm
1st Floor, Woodlands

View hands on science exhibits from groups like MN Space Frontier Society, Mars Society, Moon Society, National Space Society, MN Astronomical Society, Minnesota Area Radio Control Electric Enthusiasts’ (MARCEE), Twin Cities Makers, Twin Cities Plus and many more. Also we welcome back the HMS Artemis Bridge Simulator.

Trailer Park: Upcoming Movies
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Friday 04:00 pm
Check out trailers to the movies coming out this year! Be on your top game when conversing with other fellow folks here at MarsCon! Be ready for that panel! Plan what you are going to see next weekend? Don’t miss THE TRAILER PARK!

Are We Civilized Enough for Space Solar Power?
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 04:00 pm
Many groups of crazies—only some of which are nations—think destroying food, water, and power infrastructure for the “other guy” is a perfectly acceptable way to achieve goals. Even groups without the tech muscle to attack a solar power satellite with a rocket might find a way to break control systems from the ground. Can solar power satellites exist in such a world? Could what should be the easiest part—harvesting power in the decades after construction is finished—be the showstopper?
With: Rich Brown, mod.; G. David Nordley
Bookstores in Fiction
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Friday 04:00 pm
Christopher Morley’s first & second novels were Parnassus on Wheels (a traveling bookstore) and The Haunted Bookshop (the protagonists settle into a Brooklyn locale—not a fantasy, as the haunts are metaphorical rather than literal), which between them must have made lots of book-lovers feel that the ideal career would be running a bookstore (and never mind the economic problems then or, even more, now), and also that a bookstore is a magical place where you can start a story and Anything Can Happen. Helene Hanff’s 84 Charing Cross Road is more or less the same story, only non-fiction. The bookstore with the titular book Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story, the railway station bookstore in Brian Selznick’s The Inventions of Hugo Cabret (and the marvelous expansion of the role of the bookseller, as embodied by Christohpher Lee, in the movie Hugo), the magical textbooks—any book-lover would want to browse in all of these stores. Do magical bookstores fill the same function in a story as magical libraries (e.g., Borges’ The Library at Babel, the titular book of Edward Eager’s Seven Day Magic, or in Diane Duane’s So You Want to be a Wizard), or does the possibility of getting to keep the books change the theme a lot?
With: Ruth Berman, Eric M. Heideman, mod.
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Friday 04:00 pm
A new board game premiering at MarsCon! Race to the portal swirling between dimensions – but there’s a catch! Once you enter the portal you must defeat your fellow players in combat to gain control of the portal and their access home.
With: Kate J
Christopher R. Mihm’s Films
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Friday 04:30 pm
Christopher R. Mihm is the writer, director, and producer of the films of the “Mihmiverse,” a series of award-winning, loosely interlinked feature-length films which pay homage to 1950s-era “drive-in cinema.”
With: Christopher R. Mihm
Dagorhir/Belegarth Boffer Demo
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Friday 04:30 pm
Boffer demos will be offered throughout the weekend. This is a fun, safe, full-contact, live-action combat game where combatants engage each other in battle with foam-padded boffer weaponry and equipment.

SF/Fantasy Music Video Hour
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Friday 05:00 pm
Cool fan-made music videos based on SF/fantasy shows like Star Trek, Babylon 5, and more recent fare.

What Kind of Planet Do We Want? How Do We Get There, Realistically?
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 05:00 pm
Human beings have been part of the ecology for so long that a “world without us” would be utterly different than anything that existed in the past. Like it or not, we are in the anthropocene. So what kind of planet should it be? Given that mass exterminations of people are neither moral or likely, what are realistic expectations? Are there political and engineering pathways to get there?
With: G. David Nordley, mod.; Rob Callahan
The Appeal of Portal Fantasies
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Friday 05:00 pm
The idea that there are gateways into universes where magic is real isn’t new. Narnia, Andre Norton’s Witch World series, Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom - For Sale, and even television series like Once Upon a Time have all used that trope. What is the appeal of stepping through into such a universe? Who has done it well?
With: Kathryn Sullivan, mod.; Haddayr Copley-Woods, Naomi Kritzer, Joan Marie Verba
Dimensional Viewer-Craft
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Friday 05:00 pm
Come make a fun diorama was a twist – a view of two different worlds in one! We’ll use terraforming materials in miniature to make both our new dimensions worth a look.
With: Kate J
What to Do When Players Go Left
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Friday 06:00 pm
Some tips from an experienced game master in preparing adventures and what to do when your players decide not to play it.
With: Brandon Balfanz
Fiction Reading: Rob Callahan
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 06:00 pm

With: Rob Callahan
Con Bag Decorating
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Friday 06:00 pm
Decorate a provided bag to carry your convention goodies around! Several sizes will be available to decorate with iron-on designs, fabric paints and markers, sparkly things and more. Dr. Who themes will be available as well as others. Use of irons will be limited to adults helping; some clothing protection will also be provided. Bags that are painted WILL need to dry for several hours, so participants can pick up their bags later in the day or the next morning.
With: Host : Ellen CoHost : Kevin
Opening Ceremonies
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Friday 07:00 pm - 30 minutes
…and so it begins…
With: Actor William Morgan Sheppard, Artist Christine Mitzuk, Author Ruth Berman, Filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm, Game Designer Eric Wile, Musician / Dementia Artist The great Luke Ski, Prop Masters Dave Brown, Dave Duca, Michael Glielmi, and Ann Neubauer, Jolene Hardy, 2016 MarsCon Chair Anton Petersen, 2016 MarsCon Vice Chair
Art, Props & Science close
Friday 07:00 pm

Welcome, William Morgan Sheppard!
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Friday 07:30 pm
With his trademark rasping voice, William Morgan Sheppard has entertained audiences on the stage, television, video games, and the silver screen. Like his son Mark Sheppard, he has made guest appearances on Star Trek: Voyager (1995), Charmed (1998) and Doctor Who (2005). Along with Matt Frewer and Amanda Pays, he is one of only three actors to appear in both Max Headroom (1985) and Max Headroom (1987). Please join us in welcoming him to MarsCon!
With: William Morgan Sheppard
Arcana Meeting
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Friday 07:30 pm
Join with some horror/dark fantasy fans to talk about this Convention of the Dark Fantastic, to be held October 21-23, 2016 at the Best Western Plus—Bandana Square, St Paul with Guest of Honor Kathe Koja.

A History of Ravens
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Friday 07:30 pm
Meet a live Raven and learn myths legends and realities about this well-known bird. Presented by: That Girl with a Raven

Steampunk Scavenger Hunt through the Parties is back!
Friday 08:00 pm
Friday and Saturday evenings. Play one or both nights! Awards for each night, so double up! Pick up ballots and instructions at OPS starting Friday evening.

Return completed ballots to the MarsCon Operations Bridge to pick up your prize.
With: The Red Ribbon Society
Costuming for Beginners 101
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Friday 08:00 pm
New to Costuming? Have an outfit you want to make but don’t know where to start? Come learn some ideas for creating your outfit. This panel is designed for the beginner, and will include tips on how and where to get started, resources, and Q&A if time allows. All ages welcome.
With: Marie Porter, Ellen Rustad
Current State of the Video Game Industry
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Friday 08:00 pm
This panel talks about the recent changes regarding Voice Actors, DLCs, Alpha builds and much more.
With: Eric Wile
What is NASA’s Mission?
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 08:00 pm
“We came in peace for all mankind.” When did Richard Nixon first sign words like that? What was NASA’s original mission and how does that inform the current debate over Earth-looking missions versus outward looking missions?
With: G. David Nordley, mod.; Ben Huset
Movie (PG)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Friday 08:00 pm

Dealers Room closes
Friday 08:30 pm

Friday Night Autograph Session
Friday 08:30 pm
In ballroom foyer after Main Stage presentation
With: William Morgan Sheppard
Tales of the Unanticipated Party
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Friday 08:30 pm
Come meet with staff of and contributors to this long-running (since 1986!) Twin Cities speculative fiction magazine-anthology. Shake hands with lovely back issues, and get some teasers about TOTU #32, due out summer of 2016.

V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Friday 08:30 pm
Parodies and Doctor Who (subject to permissions)
With: Avery
Steve Goodie Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Friday 09:00 pm - 30 minutes
Steve Goodie is the definition of prolific, cranking out tune after tune that’s hilarious, topical, musically superb, and sometimes, thoroughly gross and inappropriate. The past few years Steve has had several songs make Dr. Demento’s Funny 25, including “I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet”, “Itchy Song #1,543”, “I Love My Job”, “I Just Sneezed In My Pie”, “Steve Ruins A Lovely Jason Mraz Song”, and “Outside The Box”. He hosts open mic night at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN, and his latest track “I’m Donald Trump” is just as awesome as you’d expect it to be.
With: Steve Goodie
Artist Reception
Friday 09:00 pm
1st Floor, Riverside

Join us for the 11th year of this great tradition! All artists and fans of the Art Show are invited to join us for a lovely, relaxed evening with Christine Mitzuk and all the resident local artists who contribute to our Art Show. There will be no formal tour, just a chance to preview the art, drink, and eat crackers with cheese. Find out what inspires and drives our artists while surrounded by their own art in our gallery-like setting.
With: Christine Mitzuk, Michael Byrne, Karla Lindemann
Prop Making with Common Materials and Modest Tools
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Friday 09:00 pm
Don’t have a 3D printer? Or a machine shop? Don’t let that stop you building that prop! Things to do in your basement.
With: Dave Brown, Ann Neubauer
SF/Fantasy Binge Watching
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Friday 09:00 pm
Looking back on the earlier years of genre tv programming, fans are so lucky to have the variety and abundance we enjoy today. You can even catch up on shows you may have missed before by streaming them over the Internet using Netflix and other services. This is a discussion for fans willing to share or looking for recommendations for a great tv binge-both how best to access the shows and which shows to watch.
With: Ben Ellis
Tolkien’s Influence on Fantasy
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 09:00 pm
Most writers and fans of fantasy will freely admit that much of the fantasy that we got in the initial genre explosion was influenced by Tolkien or, at the very least, it benefited from The Lord of the Rings’ positive reception. Over time, some of that influence has blurred a bit, but the lineage is still present. With the popularity of Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, the books are seeing a bit of a resurgence. Is Tolkien again influencing fantasy, now decades after he first did so? What evidence are we already seeing of this and what might we expect to see in fantasy yet to come? Also, is there an element of backlash, fantasy that both attempts to avoid evidence of influence or even makes an attempt to be as different as possible from Tolkien?
With: Ruth Berman, S.N. Arly, mod.; Ozgur K. Sahin, Kathryn Sullivan, David J. Schwartz
Nightly Karaoke
Room 1119 (Karaoke Krypt) — Friday 09:00 pm

Carla Ulbrich Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Friday 09:30 pm - 30 minutes
Carla Ulbrich is a comical singer-songwriter and guitarist from Clemson, South Carolina and currently living in New Jersey. Primarily known for writing humorous songs about such topics as wedgies, Waffle House, Klingons, and how rich she would be if she had a copyright on the ‘F’ Word, she cites her biggest musical influences as Sesame Street, camp songs, and cat food commercials. Carla just released her 6th CD, “Totally Average Woman.” Her songs are regularly played on, Dr. Demento, Sirius XM’s Laugh USA Radio, and a number of community and college stations.
With: Carla Ulbrich
Movie (PG13)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Friday 09:30 pm

Dino-Mike Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Friday 10:00 pm - 30 minutes
Dino-Mike scored his first Dr. Demento Funny 25 hit last year with his parody of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” titled “Biggest Fan” about an overenthusiastic stalker. Other songs of his recently released at which made Dr. D’s Top Ten include “Don’t Be Obscene”, “Urban Dictionary”, and “Zombie Girl”. His past albums include “KomediKaze”, “Chimericana”, and his latest, “Analbum” will be relased at MarsCon 2016!
With: Dino-Mike
Really. Big. Projects.
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 10:00 pm
Move planets? Build ring worlds? Stop Supernovae? Move stars? Prevent galaxy collisions? Stop the expansion of the universe, at least locally? Assuming enough time and resources, what might a really advanced civilization do? Watch our panelists make wild guesses at how a Kardeshev 4 civilization might do these projects and others the audience might suggest.
With: G. David Nordley, mod.; Ozgur K. Sahin
Historical European Martial Arts
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Friday 10:00 pm
A chance to learn about the martial arts of medieval and renaissance Europe from treatises written down by the masters of the time period. This panel will examine the methods and means of medieval combat, as well as dispelling modern misconceptions about the weapons, armor, and society of the time. Additionally it will briefly cover HEMA, the modern practice of these ancient arts.
With: Cody Hartley and Timothy Moen
Katie Goodman Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Friday 10:30 pm - 30 minutes
One of the awesome things about the Logan Awards is that it introduces the people in our bubble of comedy music makers to awesome talented performers from other bubbles across the world, both of whom were unfamiliar with each others existence. This is what led to Katie Goodman getting booked at MarsCon 2016. Check out this review: “A spectacular, memorable solo show! Effervescent, smart… Katie’s delightful, clever parodies and vulnerable, likeable personality make her the equal of more renowned female musical humorists such as Christine Lavin and Cheryl Wheeler.” ~ Ross Plotkin, reviewing her performance at the New York Funny Songs Festival. We are so happy she found us, and is performing at MarsCon this year!
With: Katie Goodman
Devo Spice Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Friday 11:00 pm - 30 minutes
Devo Spice is a nerdcore and comedy rapper from New Jersey who calls himself “the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem” and is one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. He is a five-time Logan Award nominee, and hosts the comedy music podcasts “Manic Mondays” and “the FuMPcast” along with Luke Ski. His Doctor Who concept album “I Am The Doctor” has 11 tracks about each of the 11 Doctors (pre-Capaldi), and his latest CD is titled “Herp Derp, Ya Don’t Sterp”.
With: Devo Spice
Sewing Machine Basics for Costumers
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Friday 11:00 pm
Join members of the Minnesota Society of Costumers in a discussion about sewing machine basics, such as how to thread a bobbin, or what needle to use. All skill levels are welcome to join in on this discussion!
With: Jess Dunow, Greg Laffrenzen, Maggie Schultz
SF/Fantasy Music Videos - After Dark
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Friday 11:00 pm
Cool fan-made music videos based on SF/fantasy shows like Star Trek, Babylon 5, and more recent fare.

Note to parents: This late night mix is not intended for children due to violence, brief nudity and splatter.

Round Robin Reading of The Eye of Argon
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 11:00 pm
Participants will take turns reading aloud from The Eye of Argon, widely considered to be the worst science fiction story ever written. Each person will read until they can no longer contain their laughter, at which point the manuscript will be handed off to the next person.
With: Fluffy Bunny Feet, host; Tyler Tork
Schäffer The Darklord Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Friday 11:30 pm - 30 minutes
Schäffer The Darklord is the best nerdcore rapper in the world. Wait, let me try that again. Schäffer The Darklord the best nerdcore rapper in the world. With the lyrical precision of a ninja with exacto knives as sharp as his wit, Schäffer spits rhyming fire and syncopated brimstone on the subjects of drugs, alcohol, lust, vulgarities, existential crisis, personal angst, the paranormal, typefaces, and adorable kitty cats. You may be asking “But has he seen Doctor Who?” It doesn’t matter, because he is the Master. Now, bow to your Darklord. - Schäffer The Darklord’s appearance at MarsCon 2016 is sponsored by Dementia Radio dot org.
With: Schäffer The Darklord
Friday Night Drum Jam begins
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 12:00 am
Bring a drum and thrum, thrum, thrum… Other musical instruments are also welcome. Let’s jam.

Convention Horror Stories: Round 2
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 12:00 am
This panel is not for the young, old, the religious, shy, skeptic… This is an all-out panel regarding travel disasters, hotel nightmares, problems with other guest and so much more.
With: Eric Wile
Movie (PG13)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Saturday 12:00 am

Cartoons (NR)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Saturday 09:00 am

Freeform Arts/Crafts
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 09:00 am
Pick up drying craft projects, finish where you left off, or make something new.

Sword Art Masters
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 10:00 am
Witness fast cutting and fluid motion in this demonstration of Korean sword art Haidong Gumdo. In this panel you’ll see techniques applicable to both battlefield and dueling combat, presented in dynamic performances by trained students. School owner Master Robert Frankovich will answer all your questions about how to properly wield a sword, what to look for when purchasing a blade, how to begin your own training, and much more!
With: Master Robert Frankovich, Sword Art Live
Art / Dealers / Props / Science rooms open
Saturday 10:00 am

My Makeup Won’t Stay!
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 10:00 am
Tips, tricks and techniques for making your makeup last.
In this demo we will cover steps to ensure a long-lasting makeup application including proper skin prep, sweat control, application, the importance of using a loose setting powder and final setting sprays so your makeup looks great and stays put throughout the day or night while enjoying Con festivities.
With: Corrie Dubay
Planetarium Star Show
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 10:00 am
Zoom! From the Earth to the Edge of the Universe. The audience decides where to go in this show, from Earth to the edge of the observable universe and anywhere in between. Journey to the leftovers of the Big Bang, visit Exoplanet systems, land on Mars, and take a peek at the James Webb Space Telescope.
With: Sarah Komperud, Bell Museum of Natural History
Fiction Reading: Michael Merriam
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 10:00 am

With: Michael Merriam
Artistic Process
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Saturday 10:00 am
Join Christine for a behind the scenes look at her picture creation process. She’ll show the steps taken for her award winning painting Bear Falls (including the sculpture), and others pieces including a recently released piece she created for Fantasy Flight Games. Then she’ll do a brief demo in Photoshop to show her digital painting process. Come with questions!
With: Christine Mitzuk
What Do You Like (and Dislike) about Writing?
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 10:00 am
Writers discuss what they like and dislike about the process of writing. Some writers love first drafts and hate revising. Others like the third draft much better.
With: Eleanor Arnason, mod.; Rob Callahan, Lyda Morehouse, G. David Nordley
What Do You Mean the Bees Disappearing?
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 10:00 am
Bees have been a part of human culture since the dawn of time. Come hear an overview of bees in history, folklore and sci-fi, and what might change without them.
With: The Bee Squad of the UofM
Dagorhir/Belegarth Boffer Demo
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Saturday 10:00 am
Boffer demos will be offered throughout the weekend. This is a fun, safe, full-contact, live-action combat game where combatants engage each other in battle with foam-padded boffer weaponry and equipment.

USS Nokomis 11th Annual Blood Drive
Saturday 10:30 am
Don’t miss your chance to be a hero at MarsCon!

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes the badge of honor is the bandage on your arm after you make a life-saving blood donation. The USS Nokomis is hosting its 11th annual MarsCon blood drive from 10:30 to 4:30 on Saturday, March 5th. Make your appointment at or by using the Red Cross Blood Donor App. You can also visit the USS Nokomis members in the hotel lobby after 10:00 on Saturday and they’ll set you up with a time.

MarsCon’s generous donors have saved up to 800 lives over the years, and that’s amazing. Let’s save some more!
With: USS Nokomis & Red Cross
On Acting
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 11:00 am
William Morgan Sheppard is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He was an Associate Artist with the Royal Shakespeare Company for 12 years. He appeared on Broadway in 1966 with Marat-Sade and later in 1975 with Sherlock Holmes. He won the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle award for The Homecoming in 1995, at the Matrix Theatre.
With: William Morgan Sheppard
Zombify Your Plush
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 11:00 am
Bring in a 14” or shorter plush, doll or ? (as long as it is fabric or fur). I will help you turn it into a ZOMBIE. You bring the “victim” I’ll supply the guts. A limited supply of “bodies” will be available if you forget to bring one.
With: Julie Bowman
Fossil Hunting in the Twin Cities
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 11:00 am
Did you know it’s easy to find fossils in the Metro Area? There are no dinos in Minnesota, but plenty of other weird, almost other-worldy creatures! A local amateur paleontologist will talk about hunting for fossils, keeping safe and show her collection of fossils found right here in the Twin Cities.
With: Gillian Chan, mod.
Where Should Star Trek Boldly Go Next?
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 11:00 am
Much heated debate is ongoing regarding the future of Star Trek, and with the 50th anniversary approaching and disappointment by many over the Abrams reboots, some wonder if Star Trek even has a future. Where do you think the franchise should boldly go next?
With: Tom Gardner, mod.; Patrick W. Marsh, David J. Schwartz
The Oscar and the Razzie aka Best and Worst of 2015
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Saturday 11:00 am
We look at a year of films from Hollywood and around the world as we come up with the best and worst of 2015.
With: Tony Artym, Aaron Grono, Ben Ellis
Writing Under the Radar, or Advantages/Disadvantages of Small-Press Publication
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 11:00 am
Panels about small press publications tend to embrace the gloomy side of the spectrum. This panel promises to mainly embrace the cheerful side, for there is much to be cheerful about.
With: Ruth Berman, Eleanor Arnason, John Baicthal, Michael Merriam, Kathryn Sullivan, Joan Marie Verba
Super Hero Capes/Comical Dimensions
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 11:00 am
Turn your little one into an Instant “Superhero!” T-shirt capes and fabric markers provided! Create your OWN comic crusader! (For children 10 and under; parents must accompany offspring.)
And while the craft is going on, we will also discuss how Marvel or DC or any of the others not only don’t share dimensions with each other but they can’t even seem to keep their own straight! Come discuss the thinking behind comic book dimensions and multi-dimensional superheroes, such as The Amazing Spider-Man, The Astonishing Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Sensational Spider-Man, The Superior Spider-Man, and Spider-Man: India.
With: Rae Lundquist, Kate J
Dalek Building
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 12:00 pm
Learn from prop masters.
With: Dave Brown, Dave Duca, Michael Glielmi, and Ann Neubauer
Saturday Autograph Session: William Morgan Sheppard
Saturday 12:00 pm
2 hours

In ballroom foyer after Main Stage presentation
With: William Morgan Sheppard
EverQuest and Me
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 12:00 pm
This panel talks about my time working on EverQuest and working for Sony Online Entertainment.
With: Eric Wile
Software for Writers
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 12:00 pm
Although many writers still sit down and pants out a story with on word processor, recent years have seen the introduction of a variety of software tools designed to assist writers of all types. This panel will discuss many of these increasingly popular programs, as well as share tips and tricks for their use.
With: Tom Gardner, mod.; Haddayr Copley-Woods, David Stegora, Tyler Tork
Anime viewing
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Saturday 12:00 pm
Lots of anime viewing throughout the weekend, many titles courtesy of FUNimation!

Movie (PG)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Saturday 12:00 pm

With: MN Jones
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 12:00 pm
Catch up on all of Marvel films and TV shows.

With: Tony Artym, mod.; Aaron Grono, Lyda Morehouse, David J. Schwartz
Dementia Smackdown Wrestling
Room 1119 (Karaoke Krypt) — Saturday 12:00 pm
Every year Dementia Radio DJ and pro wrestling fan Jered Perez uses the latest WWE video games to create avatars of all of the acts appearing at the MarsCon Dementia Track. Then he records them fighting against one another in a 30 minute Battle Royal to see who will be crowned the champion of “Dementia Smackdown Wrestling”! So come root for your favorite act, and witness the virtual violence and senseless slaughter for silly supremacy! Featuring live commentary by DSW commentators Commissioner J.P. Tuesday (Jered Perez) and Duke “Flyboy” DuJour (Luke Ski). Snap into it! Oooh yeah!
With: J.P. Tuesday & Duke ‘Flyboy’ DuJour
Falconry demo
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 12:00 pm
Master Falconer since 1966, Marc Rude, will be presenting his Harris Hawk.
With: Marc Rude
Masquerade Orientation
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 12:30 pm - 30 minutes
Are you entering the Masquerade or interested in learning more about what it is all about? Join this session to learn more!
With: Elizabeth Erickson, Alexander Johnson
Belly Dance Performance by Al-Bahira Middle Eastern Dance Theater
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 01:00 pm - 45 minutes
A fun, glittering showcase of belly dance featuring spectacular shimmies, dazzling diaphanous veils, spellbinding swords, and more! Al-Bahira is a professional dance troupe dedicated to the performance, education, and creative presentation of dance as a living and ever-evolving art form.
With: Amara, LaDonna, Laurie, Mirah Ammal, Jennifer, Anjela
Making the Simian
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 01:00 pm
In Earth year 3978, Humans are no longer the dominant species on the planet. Watch as we reveal the future rulers of the Planet in “Creating the Ape.”
With: Bill Hedrick, Teresa Jackson
Practicing for Mars: An Introduction to the Mars Desert Research Station
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 01:00 pm
A brief presentation of what the MDRS is, what crews do there, and the many ways for volunteers to get involved.

The Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), owned and operated by the Mars Society, is a full-scale analog facility in Utah that supports Earth-based research in pursuit of the technology, operations, and science required for human space exploration.
With: Dave Duca, Paul Bakken
Flash of Many Worlds
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 01:00 pm
The CW series The Flash, now in its second season, is making clever use of the DC multiverses’ many universes/dimensions. Let’s talk about it.
With: Eric M. Heideman, mod.; Roy C. Booth
Dresden Files
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 01:00 pm
Come talk about the Dresden Files books and hear our thoughts on the Dresden Files and what we look forward next in Peace Talks. Yes, there will be spoilers.
With: Tony Artym, Noel Fournier, Bill Rod, Elizabeth Erickson
Oil Painting Demo by Christine Mitzuk, Part II
Saturday 01:30 pm
Art Show - 1st floor, Riverside

Stop by the Art Show to see Christine create a fantasy oil painting without solvents. The piece will be available for bidding and the live auction Saturday. Christine loves talking shop so questions are welcome!
With: Christine Mitzuk
Time Travelers
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 01:30 pm
Who doesn’t like a good time travel story? One that forces you to think about history and the universe differently? We’ll discuss some of the things that make time travel stories satisfying (Babylon 5) or bewildering (The Butterfly Effect), whether history is changeable (“How do we know he didn’t invent the stuff?”), and make a case for who did time travel best.
With: Avery, Chris
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 01:45 pm

Raymond & Scum Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 02:00 pm - 30 minutes
Jeff Smith and Matthew Dunn are “Raymond & Scum”. We don’t really know why, but they are. It’s been many years since they’ve been to MarsCon, but they are back with their career-spanning album “Take It All”, featuring all of their greatest hits, including Dr. Demento Show favorites, “Demi Moore”, “Jennifer Lopez (I Want To Be Your Friend)”, “Merchandise Table”, “Dumped On Halloween”, the Billy Dee Williams fan lament “Lando (Episode VII)”, and the anthem of all funny musicians everywhere, “(Nobody Loves The) Comedy Band”. They will rock your face.
With: Raymond & Scum
Doctor Who: the Aliens and the Monsters
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 02:00 pm
If the Doctor pays us a visits…we prosper. If Aliens make contact….we benefit. If Monsters appeared…..where were they? Sidney Newman brought the wonders of Doctor Who to us. Verity Lambert presented Terry Nation’s Daleks to the success of it all. A pleasant chat about Humankind’s acceptance of surprising changes. Changes that resulted from visitations, or timely intervention. What would Humankind do with these new advances humans did not invent?
With: Dave Duca, Ben Ellis
Wild Cards
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 02:00 pm
As Marvel and DC present us with alternate realities populated by superheroes, so does George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards universe. The series, in which a virus gives many people super powers, is written by many authors, and has a sweeping vision of an alternate reality from the 1940s (when it changed) to the present.
With: Rick Gellman, mod.
Using Other Cultures in F/SF
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 02:00 pm
Is this a good idea (source of motifs not staled by over-use, way of examining other cultures), or a bad idea (disrespectful to cultures who’d rather have the writing about them done by themselves who actually know it thank you very much, probably too shallow an investigation of other cultures to reveal much, anyhow haven’t we had too many Celtic retellings of Tamlin as it is?)? Do you need to know the language to do the research, or is there likely to be enough in English or in English translation to get a story going? Is it racist to assume you can do a good job of depicting other cultures / racist to omit them from your story on the assumption that you can’t?
With: Ruth Berman, mod.;, Eleanor Arnason, Rob Callahan, Ellen Kuhfeld, Kathryn Sullivan
Sword Art Training For Life
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Saturday 02:00 pm
(or “How sword training will make you a better driver”)

So you love the idea of wielding a sword – but is knowing how to sword fight applicable in today’s world? We say yes! In this panel we’ll discuss how the skills acquired by training in Korean sword art Haidong Gumdo are useful in 21st-century society. From personal fitness to public speaking to driving on the freeway, you’ll see how traditional training benefits all aspects of modern life!
With: Master Robert Frankovich, Sword Art Live
TV’s Kyle featuring Lindzilla Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 02:30 pm - 30 minutes
By day, Kyle Carrozza works at Cartoon Network as the creator and lead voice actor of your new favorite cartoon “Mighty MagiSwords”, but by late-afternoon/early-evening he becomes TV’s Kyle, churning out quirky, catchy, original comedy tunes for all to enjoy! He does a cartoon podcast with Luke Ski called “Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons”, and he teamed up with Insane Ian to form “Scooter Picnic”, a collaboration which has netted them 2 Logan Award nominations, and a lot of weird screaming at each other. In 2014 he married his long-time girlfriend and frequent on-stage vocalist / dinosaur-outfit-wearer, Lindsay Smith, aka LINDZILLA, who also works on “Mighty MagiSwords” as a character designer!
With: TV’s Kyle, Lindzilla
Fan Film (PG)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Saturday 02:30 pm

With: MN Jones
Story Time with Professor McGonagall
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 02:30 pm
Professor McGonagall reads out loud from some of her favorite books.
With: Rae
Costuming the Galaxy: The Costumes and Props of Star Wars
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 03:00 pm
Topics discussed during this panel will include costume research and design, armor building, prop making, sewing and soft goods, and costuming clubs.
With: Philip Glover, Amanda Fineran, Blane Pierson, Jeff Scalise
Disney Parks: Magic of Disney
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 03:00 pm
Whether you are planning your next trip to one of the Disney parks or you just want to relive some Disney magic, this talk is for you. A talk about the parks, recall memories, plan return trips, and things you just can not miss. 

With: Tony Artym, Aaron Grono, Ashley Grono
Short Stories vs. Novels
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 03:00 pm
Some writers claim they can only write short, others insist they can only go with longer works. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both forms? Is it worth the effort to force yourself to try the length that doesn’t initially seem natural for you? What benefits are there to those who can successfully write short stories as well as novels? At one time it was popular to recommend that authors needed three short story sales (of the pro variety) before they should try to sell a novel. Is this true? If short isn’t your form of choice, are you just screwed?
With: S. N. Arly, mod.; Roy C. Booth, John Kohagen, Naomi Kritzer, Patrick W. Marsh, Kathryn Sullivan, Jerin Poliskey
Parallel Wests
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 03:00 pm
The American Old West is rich in a mythos that rivals the American mythos in its complexity and power. We’ll compare some actual Western historical figures, such as David Crockett, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, George Armstrong Custer, Chief Sitting Bull, and Calamity Jane, with the myths that have grown up around them. We’ll also talk some about the two steampunk TV series, The Wild, Wild West and The Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr.
With: Eric M. Heideman, mod.; David Christenson. Sponsored by Con-Sarnit Nine, a Western convention to be held in St Paul Friday and Saturday, June 3 and 4, 2016.
Terpsichory Courtly Dance Demo
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Saturday 03:00 pm
We teach and perform a variety of Renaissance era dances. Come dance with us, or enjoy the show.

Music Guest of Honor The Great Luke Ski! in Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 03:15 pm
Luke Ski is The Dr. Demento Show’s most requested act of the 21st Century. He’s won 2 Logan Awards for “Outstanding Parody Song” for “Snoopy The Dogg” in 2012 and his ‘Disney buys Star Wars’ epic medley “When You Wish Upon A Death Star” in 2013. This is his 14th MarsCon in a row, and this year marks the 13th year of the MarsCon Dementia Track. He was doing comedy songs about nerdy topics decades before it was cool. Ditto for making references to bacon. In 2014 he released his 11th album 4th Grade Talent Show, the lead single of which “Fake Adult” was #1 on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 of 2014, the 4th time he has had a song that was #1 for the year.
With: Luke Ski
Green Tea Tasting
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Saturday 03:30 pm

Lizard Presentation
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 03:30 pm
Bearded Dragon
With: Minnesota Herpetological Society
LARPing 101
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 04:00 pm
Learn about the basics of Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) with professional LARPing organizations located in Minnesota.
With: Peter Haugen (Alliance LARP, Southern Minnesota Chapter)
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 04:00 pm
Come talk about 19 years of Harry Potter as we reflect back on all 10 books, and 8 films, we will talk about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks, The Studio Tour, and Pottermore. We look to the future with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Then and the fandom here then and now.
With: Tony Artym, Noel Fournier, Aaron Grono, Elizabeth Erickson
Dystopia vs. Utopia vs. Just Different
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 04:00 pm
Sometimes dystopias hold up a distorting mirror to the place and time they were written, while utopias explore possibilites of what our world could be. And sometimes fiction writers explore parallel worlds and dimensions not for what they can teach us about our world but for the inherent interest those worlds bear. Let’s explore all three forms.
With: Rick Gellman, mod.; Haddayr Copley-Woods, Naomi Kritzer, Lyda Morehouse, David J. Schwartz
Mass Literary Signing I
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 04:00 pm - 30 minutes

With: Ruth Berman, Cynthia Booth, Roy C. Booth, Rob Callahan
Learn to Belly-Dance with Al-Bahira!
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Saturday 04:00 pm
Hot off Al-Bahira’s performance on Mainstage, Amara will guide you through a small-group dance lesson. Amara has a dozen years of teaching experience and believes that belly dancing should be inclusive and welcoming to all. Have fun and get moving with
With: Amara
The 6th Annual Logan Awards
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 04:15 pm
If you haven’t heard of Logan Whitehurst, in short, he was a brilliant comedy musician taken from us much too early in 2006 at age 29. Dr. Demento called his album Goodbye My 4-Track the “Sergeant Peppers” of comedy albums. In 2010, Rob Balder in association with the Funny Music Project (the FuMP .com) founded the Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards For Excellence In Comedy Music to honor Logan and to celebrate the art form of comedic music. The phys­i­cal award is a stat­uette of a “Robot Cat”, in honor of one of Logan Whitehurst’s most popular songs. Past jurors for the award include “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Whimsical Will” Simpson, Mikey Mason, and Tom Smith, as well as permanent juror Dr. Demento, who has hosted the award ceremony in the past. The acts of the MarsCon 2016 Dementia Track will be performing this year’s nominated songs in the categories of Outstanding Orig­i­nal Com­edy Song and Outstanding Parody Song, and we’ll be screening the nominees for Outstanding Comedy Music Video. So please join us for this concert & ceremony celebrating the most outstanding comedy music of 2015.
With: Luke Ski, Also featuring Insane Ian, TV’s Kyle, Carrie Dahlby, Devo Spice, Schaffer The Darklord, Carla Ulbrich, and Dino-Mike
Mass Literary Signing II
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 04:30 pm - 30 minutes

With: Patrick W. Marsh, Michael Merriam, G. David Nordley, Kathryn Sullivan
Snake Presentation
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 04:30 pm
Boa Constrictor and other snakes.
With: Minnesota Herpetological Society
Art Show bidding closes
Saturday 05:00 pm
Any artwork with 3 bids will be in the Art Auction. Please come to the auction to bid some more!

Game Over, Man! Costuming and Props in the Aliens Universe
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 05:00 pm
Information and guide for costuming characters and building props from the “Alien” series of films, including Alien and Aliens. Discuss Colonial Marines, Weyland-Yutani employees, Nostromo crewmembers, and more!
With: Erik Pakieser
IT 101
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 05:00 pm
This panel is for anyone interested in starting a career in IT.
With: Eric Wile
Does an Advanced Human Civiliation Need Sex?
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 05:00 pm
Suppose through genetic engineering or some plague all sexual desire were eliminated in human beings? Fertilization occurs in laboratories and gestation in (usually) in artificial wombs at a rate sufficient to replace losses. What might a post sexual culture be like?
With: G. David Nordley, mod.; Haddayr Copley-Woods, John Kohagen, Baron Dave Romm
Swords of Anime and SciFi
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Saturday 05:00 pm
From Cloud’s Buster Sword to InuYasha’s Tessaiga, awesome swords are prolific in anime, video games, sci-fi, and fantasy. In this panel, sword experts from White Tiger Martial Arts will discuss some of our favorites, and we’d love to hear your favorites as well. You’ll also get a chance to test your knowledge and win big prizes in a jeopardy-style trivia game!
With: Master Robert Frankovich, Sword Art Live
The Strange Case of Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 05:00 pm
A panel discussion on the work of H.P. Lovecraft, including the writers who influenced him (and discussion of his book Supernatural Horror in Literature), and the influence he and his Mythos have had on later writers and current popular culture.
With: Karen Joan Kohoutek, mod.; Brian K. Perry
3D Printing Class
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Saturday 05:00 pm

With: Twin Cities Makers
Movie (G)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Saturday 05:15 pm

Doctor What If?
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 05:30 pm - 45 minutes
You don’t watch a show like Doctor Who for its scientific plausibility. (Sonic screwdrivers? Years’ worth of smog being released all at once?) As fans, we’re usually willing to let that sort of thing slide…unless it’s so wrong it makes the whole plot moot. In this panel, we’ll discuss some whacking great errors that prove the BBC needed a scientific advisor as much as U.N.I.T. did, such as why the moon can’t gain that much mass even if it’s hatching, and why you can’t carry antimatter in a bucket.
With: Chris J, Avery
Masquerade Rehearsal
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 06:00 pm

Science Room closes
Saturday 06:00 pm

Closed for Masquerade Judging/Rehearsal
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 06:00 pm

Ham Radio Hour
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 06:00 pm
Get on the radio! When all other lines of communication are down, it’s nice to know a Ham. Amateur radio is a wonderful hobby and a public service. Bounce your signal off the moon, spot tornadoes, chat with people all over the world and contact astronauts in space. Join us.
With: Dave Duca, Art Johnson, Ben Huset, Christine LaBounty, Joe Swenson
Not My Beautiful Minnesota
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 06:00 pm
It has become fairly common for urban fantasy writers to place their stories in a modern world analogue. What purpose does this serve? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages and how can you avoid them? Who does it well?
With: S. N. Arly, mod.; Roy C. Booth, Patrick W. Marsh, Michael Merriam, Tyler Tork
Props/Dealers close
Saturday 07:00 pm

Classic Doctor Who
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 07:00 pm
For new fans and old alike, let’s talk about Doctor Who before the reboot. Favorite episodes, companions, and recommendations for fans getting started on the oldies, but goodies.
With: Nina Boenish, Kevin Borchers, Kevin Berg, Whitestar Phoenix, Ben Ellis
Dinosaurs in Fiction: On Beyond Rex and Raptors
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 07:00 pm
Jurassic Park and Walking With Dinosaurs introduced the world to updated dinos on the cutting edge of discovery. So why are we stuck with depictions that are over 20 years out of date when so many weirder and more frightening dino prospects existed in reality?
With: Chandra Reyer, mod.; Gillian Chan
Samurai 7
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Saturday 07:00 pm - 30 minutes
Set in a futuristic world that has just witnessed the end of a massive war, scores of villages are terrorized by Nobuseri bandits. But the Nobuseri are no normal bandits. They were once Samurai, who during the war integrated their living cells with machines to become dangerous weapons now appearing more machine than man. Absolute power corrupts, and their reign of terror is increasing its hold on the countryside. But one group of villagers has had enough, deciding to hire samurai to protect their village. Kirara is a young priestess who travels to the city seeking out protection. One by one, she encounters brave samurai that the war has left behind. These men of skill and valor are each unique and not without their quirks. But can they come together as one to defend the helpless village?

Ruth Berman Interview
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 07:00 pm
Hear our Author Guest of Honor talk about her life and work.
With: Ruth Berman, David Lenander, interviewer
Art Auction
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Saturday 07:00 pm
MarsCon Art Show entries need three bids during the convention to make it into the auction. Please do your part to support the Art Show and help out our artists by bidding on your favorites. You may walk home with a masterpiece!
With: Michael Byrne, Karla Lindemann
Dagorhir/Belegarth Boffer Demo
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Saturday 07:00 pm
Boffer demos will be offered throughout the weekend. This is a fun, safe, full-contact, live-action combat game where combatants engage each other in battle with foam-padded boffer weaponry and equipment.

Samurai Champloo
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Saturday 07:30 pm
Let’s break it down. Mugen’s a reckless sword-swinger with a style that's more b-boy than Shaolin. He’s got a nasty streak that makes people want to stick a knife in his throat. Then there’s Jin, a deadbeat ronin who speaks softly but carries a big blade. He runs game old-school style, but he can make your blood spray with the quickness. When these roughnecks bring the ruckus, it ain’t good for anybody, especially them. Enter Fuu, the ditzy waitress who springs her new friends from a deadly jam. All she wants in return is help solving a riddle from her past. She and the boys are tracking the scent, but there's ninety-nine ways to die between them and the sunflower samurai.

Masquerade/Cosplay Contest & Half-time Show
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 08:00 pm
A grand costume contest with half-time entertainment and prizes!
With: Masquerade Director: Alexander Johnson
Steampunk Scavenger Hunt through the Parties is back!
Saturday 08:00 pm
Friday and Saturday evenings. Play one or both nights! Awards for each night, so double up! Pick up ballots and instructions at OPS starting Friday evening.

Return completed ballots to the MarsCon Operations Bridge to pick up your prize.

Masquerade Green Room
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 08:00 pm

I Think I’ve Read This Before
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 08:00 pm
Have you ever read something and thought, “hey, this is a lot like that other book by that other author”? Or possibly even “hey, this is just like the last book by this author”? Sometimes writers don’t realize their work is like someone else’s. Sometimes we pay homage to those who came before us. Sometimes we happen upon something that seems to work, and we want to see if we’ve discovered the magic formula. And sometimes we just steal stuff. When does this work well? When does it annoy the reader? How can we avoid unintentionally inflicting our readers with deja vu?
With: S. N. Arly, mod.; John Kohagen, Naomi Kritzer, Patrick W. Marsh, Ozgur K. Sahin, Kathryn Sullivan
It Came from Bandana Square!
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 08:00 pm - 30 minutes
The hotel next to Bandana Square, St Paul (Best Western Plus, formerly Best Western, formerly Holiday Inn Express, formerly Sunwood Inn) has a long history with the fan community. This year Con-Sarnit, the Western convention, will meet there for the ninth time (of nine) June 3 and 4; the multicultural SF convention Diversicon will meet there for the 12th time July 29-31; and the horror fiction convention Arcana will be there October 21-23 for the 25th consecutive year. We’ll talk about the history of the hotel and neighboring Bandana Square, as they relate to fans.
With: Eric M. Heideman, mod., Brian K. Perry
Masquerade Overflow
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Saturday 08:00 pm

Bandana Square Cons Party
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 08:30 pm
Co-hosted by Con-Sarnit Nine, Friday and Saturday, June 3 and 4; Diversicon 24, July 29-31, with Guest of Honor Jessica Amanda Salmonson and Special Guest Naomi Kritzer; and Arcana, October 21-23, with Guest of Honor Kathe Koja.

Parallel Development
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 09:00 pm
Some stories, whether literary, TV, or film include a heavy dose of parallel character development. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times you have to dig a little and ponder carefully to see it. What is the purpose of this technique? Is it equally effective when used on protagonist/antagonist or protagonist/any character pairing? What are good ways to go about this in your own writing? What are some of the things that go wrong, and how do you avoid them? What are your favorite examples of parallel character development?
With: S. N. Arly, mod.; Ozgur K. Sahin
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Saturday 09:00 pm
From the director of Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja comes the first series in his trilogy of sharp-shooting vixens. Mireille makes a living out of killing as an international assassin. Kirika is an amnesiac with uncanny speed and stealth. Under the codename Noir, these two young mistresses of semi-automatics and improvised weapons track and execute criminal syndicates across the globe as they hunt for clues to their connected pasts—but it is they who are actually being hunted. Caught in the crosshairs of a centuries-old conspiracy, the deadly beauties of Noir aim to expose the secrets of the ancient society orchestrating their lives. Will Mireille and Kirika have a future after they learn the truth about their pasts?

Nightly Karaoke
Room 1119 (Karaoke Krypt) — Saturday 09:00 pm

Burlesque 18+
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 10:00 pm
Back for their fourth appearance…the ladies and gentlemen of the Twin Cities burlesque scene. Meet them, hear a history, learn where the shows are, and maybe a performance.
Open to those 18+ ONLY, you will be carded at the door.
With: Holliedazzle, Tre’ Da Marc, Pepper Sunshine, Mona Montague
Saturday 10:00 pm
Beginning after Masquerade in Con Suite (1100)

Filking is a fannish tradition, active since the 1950s, when early fans gathered in hotel rooms for late-night singing sessions at the occasional science fiction convention. While filk music commonly has a science, SF or fantasy theme, filkers have been known to write filk songs about a variety of tangentially-related topics. Bring your voice. Bring your instrument if you have one. Bring your own lyrics, or grab a songbook and join in the singing.
With: Rich Brown, Host
Meet and Greet Masquerade Contestants
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 10:00 pm - 30 minutes

Who Was Tesla and Why Was He Important?
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 10:00 pm
An eccentric scientist and engineer, Nikola Tesla was a key figure during the formative years of electrical systems and communications of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Come learn about Tesla and some of his work, as well as other people in that community of inventors.
With: Dave Duca, Red Ribbon Society, Joe Swenson
The Multiple Dimensions of Story
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 10:00 pm
Plot driven? Character driven? Setting driven? Language-craft driven? These characterizations often come after the fact of writing and publication. Most writers try to serve up as many of these at once as they can so their stories work on multiple dimensions. How do they do that?
With: G. David Nordley, mod.; Patrick W. Marsh, Ozgur K. Sahin, Jerin Poliskey
Sword Art Now
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Saturday 10:00 pm
ATTENTION FUTURE SWORD MASTERS Welcome to your first day of training! If you have ever felt called to learn the way of the sword, this interactive panel is your opportunity to begin basic training in the Korean sword art Haidong Gumdo. You will learn the cuts and blocking maneuvers used by Gumdo sword masters, and then test your skills in one-on-one combat!
With: Master Robert Frankovich, Sword Art Live
Movie (R)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Saturday 10:15 pm

Figure Drawing
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Saturday 10:30 pm
Late night drawing with Christine Mitzuk. Join us for a free figure drawing workshop and draw a fabulous costumed volunteer. Christine will share some of what she teaches in her figure classes. Pencil, paper, and drawing board provided.
With: Christine Mitzuk
Feng Shui Ninjas in Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Saturday 11:00 pm
The Feng Shui Ninjas are Justin Hartley, Dave Stagner, John Kentner, and Tamara Anne, and they have come to rearrange the furniture between your ears with their music. Blurring the lines between rock, folk, and common sense, they bring the bizarre when they rock the MarsCon stage.
With: Feng Shui Ninjas
Max Headroom: Ultimate Hacker
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Saturday 11:00 pm
Max Headroom IMHO is one of the ultimate “hackers” in cyberdystopian storytelling. A discussion of cyberpunk culture in TV and film would be welcome in this era of political and technological weirdness.
With: Emberr
Fiction Reading: Tyler Tork
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 11:00 pm

With: Tyler Tork
Anime viewing
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Saturday 11:00 pm
Lots of anime viewing throughout the weekend, many titles courtesy of FUNimation!

Drum Jam II (after concerts & other events)
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 12:00 am
Drums, musical instruments & voices welcome. Let’s jam.

IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Sunday 12:00 am - 30 minutes
Vash the Stampede is a wanted man with a habit of turning entire frontier towns into rubble. The price on his head is a fortune, and his path of destruction reaches across the arid wastelands of a desert planet. Unfortunately, most encounters with the spiky-haired gunslinger don\’\t end well for the bounty hunters who catch up with him; someone almost always gets hurt – and it\’\s never Vash. Oddly enough, for such an infamous fugitive, there\’\s no proof that he\’\s ever taken a life. In fact, he\’\s a pacifist with a doughnut obsession who\’\s more doofus than desperado. There\’\s a whole lot more to him than his reputation lets on – Vash the Stampede definitely ain\’\t your typical outlaw.

Freeform Arts/Crafts
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Sunday 08:45 am
9am till noon, enjoy a “creative moment” inside the T.A.R.D.I.S. room. Drawing supplies available or work on crafts from previous workshops.

Dungeons and Dangers: Journey to the Core of the T.A.R.D.I.S.
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Sunday 09:00 am
Race through the T.A.R.D.I.S. as The Master and Q divert you from regaining control of the Console in this live-action giant board game. Trick your enemies, Collect the gadgets, Exterminate your buddies! (This is not a linear game, you can enter/exit as needed).
With: Avery
Dagorhir/Belegarth Boffer Demo
VII White Pelican (Dance/Demo) — Sunday 09:00 am
Boffer demos will be offered throughout the weekend. This is a fun, safe, full-contact, live-action combat game where combatants engage each other in battle with foam-padded boffer weaponry and equipment.

Viewing Time for Charity Auction Items
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 09:30 am - 30 minutes
Silent bids will be accepted prior to live auction.

Charity Auction
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 10:00 am
MarsCon 2016 charity auction proceeds will benefit Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and the Gordy Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund which sponsors aspiring science fiction writers to attend writing workshops. Come, bid on donated items, and raise money for two worthwhile causes!

Art Pick-up & Checkout
Sunday 10:00 am
1st floor, Riverside
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Dealers Room, Prop-A-Torium & Science Room open
Sunday 11:00 am

Geek Crafts
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Sunday 11:00 am
People show off the various crafts that are inspired by their favorite geeky things. What they do and why they do it, Cross stitch, knitting, crochet, wood working and more!
With: Sara Dibble, Joseph Erickson
Going to Mars without Getting Fried
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Sunday 11:00 am
How can future astronauts be protected from solar storms and cosmic rays? Is it necessary?
With: Dave Duca, G. David Nordley
All the Myriad Ways
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Sunday 11:00 am
In Larry Niven’s classic short story, “All the Myriad Ways,” contained in the 1971 story collection of the same title, it is discovered that every time a person makes a decision, a whole new universe splits off. Countless people are driven insane by this knowledge. In reality, some theoretical physicists hypothesize that there might be a multiverse containing anywhere between several and an infinite number of universes. Is there any way to prove or disprove this? Can we travel, as in Murray Leinstein’s story, “Sideways in Time?”
With: Eric M. Heideman, mod.; G. David Nordley
Fiction and Poetry Reading: Ruth Berman
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Sunday 11:00 am
Our Author Guest of Honor reads from her work.
With: Ruth Berman
Fantasy Mask Making
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Sunday 11:00 am
Try on a new face for the weekend! Adult & kid’s mask making. Sparklies shinies colors and feathers!
-Parents must stay with children. Caution: hot glue
With: Rae, Mary Mac
William Morgan Sheppard: Q&A
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 11:30 am
Come with your questions for our wonderful guest!

Steampunk Craft Hour
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Sunday 12:00 pm
The Red Ribbon Society (a.k.a. Steam Century) presents steampunk fun. Vintage paper dolls, beading, coloring, AND floating hot air (helium, actually) balloons and dirigibles! For people of all ages.
With: Red Ribbon Society
“Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons” Podcast Recording
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Sunday 12:00 pm
What started as a regular segment every time TV’s Kyle appeared on the FuMPcast with the great Luke Ski turned into its own podcast back in October of 2013. Since then, every 2 weeks, Kyle and Luke have sat down to discuss in fanboyish detail the avalanche of minutia within the annals of animation history. Meanwhile, Kyle got a development deal at Cartoon Network, and through a series of fortunate circumstances, is now the creator and lead voice actor of “Mighty MagiSwords” while Luke works for him as a Storyboard artist! So come to their live podcast recording with your questions about animation and “Mighty MagiSwords”, and we’ll answer all the ones we can and that we’re allowed to!
With: Luke Ski, Kyle Carrozza
Cyberpunk: Writing and Reading
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Sunday 12:00 pm
What makes a cyberpunk story? What are the necessary elements? What can come and go freely? What books, stories, and writers have influenced and shaped the genre? Come to discuss the genre that some say we’re living in right now.
With: David Stegora, mod.; Roy C. Booth, Patrick W. Marsh, Lyda Morehouse
Anime viewing
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Sunday 12:00 pm
Lots of anime viewing throughout the weekend, many titles courtesy of FUNimation!

Parallel Dimensions
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Sunday 12:00 pm
A general overlook of alternate dimensions/universes in SF, with a history of the form.
With: Eric M. Heideman, mod.; Rick Gellman
Mystery of Chemistry – Mystify your mind as we explore Chemistry
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Sunday 12:00 pm
See a series of experiments that change, smoke, and spurt! Watch liquid change into a rainbow of colors. The Mad Scientist mixes up a gooey, foaming paste, and an eerie, smoking genie - in an ordinary water bottle! See Styrofoam “melt” before your eyes! Finally, a volunteer helps make a vat of Mad Science Slime!

With: Geoff Wessendorf
Sunday Autograph Session: William Morgan Sheppard
Sunday 12:30 pm
In ballroom foyer after Main Stage presentation
With: William Morgan Sheppard
Power Salad Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 01:00 pm - 30 minutes
By day, Chris is a professional voice-over artist whose voice can be heard in commercials for Kaopectate and Menards. But when the moon is full, he gets out the vacuum cleaner and scares his cat into submission! His song “Letter From A Cruise Ship (Hello Mudduh, Hello Faddah! 2013)” won a Logan Award in 2014, and his song “Amazon Drone” won him another in 2015, however it’s his 30 plus years of making sketch audio and comedy music make him the wise elder of the scene, but mostly he just yells about tile and honey mustard.
With: Power Salad
How to Make a Pattern for Your Own Plush
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Sunday 01:00 pm
A demonstration of how to design a pattern for a 3d fabric sculpture from a photo or drawing.
With: Julie Bowman
50 Years of Star Trek
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Sunday 01:00 pm
A talk about the last 50 years of Star Trek, all 5 Shows, and 12 movies
With: Tony Artym, Elizabeth Erickson
Marketing Your E-Books
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Sunday 01:00 pm
Lots of helpful tips on publishing and promoting your work.
With: Roy C. Booth, mod.; Kathryn Sullivan, Jerin Poliskey
Movie (PG13)
Room 1102 (A/V Room) — Sunday 01:00 pm

The Road to The Martian
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Sunday 01:00 pm
The Cinderella journey of Andy Weir’s novel The Martian from internet working draft (2011), to best-selling print novel (2014), to the smash hit film (2015) directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, deserves consideration by the Con that celebrates Mars. We’ll spend about 25 minutes talking about Mars and Martians in pre-Weir fiction, radio, film, etc. then wind up with 25 minutes on the Weir novel and Scott film.
With: Eric M. Heideman, mod.; Ben Huset, G.David Nordley
Origami for Beginners
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Sunday 01:00 pm
Simple yet fun models to learn to make with Matt McMillan from Twin Cities Game Fest. Paper will be supplied. Appropriate for all ages.

With: Matt McMillan
Insane Ian Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 01:45 pm - 30 minutes
Just one look at his Bandcamp page makes it obvious that Insane Ian is a comedy music juggernaut that cannot be stopped. Very recently, Ian hit a milestone in his career a long time in coming, as he had the #1 most requested song of 2015 on “The Dr. Demento Show”, the name-mangling Brit-tribute, “Benedict Cumberbatch”, sitting firmly atop the Funny 25. He has come a long way from being the guy who rode a bus 28 hours just to come to MarsCon to perform for 8 minutes on the Main Stage. You can get “Booboobear Cankersore” or whatever I just said, on his latest release “Insane Ian’s Greatest Hit(s)”.
With: Insane Ian
Historical Basis for LOTR & Hobbit Costumes
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Sunday 02:00 pm
A brief look at the various “peoples” of Middle Earth, and the real world European and Asian clothing that inspired the costumes. From the Viking and Saxon style clothing of the Dwarves, to the mid 9th Century English country garb of the hobbits.
With: Rae Lundquist
Video Game History: Past, Present and Future
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Sunday 02:00 pm
This panel is an open forum / debut in regards to historical facts, data, concepts of where the industry started and where it’s heading.
With: Eric Wile
The Rise of Women Superheroes
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Sunday 02:00 pm
Let’s talk about some awesome female superheroes who have become bright sensations in recent years! Why do we love them so much, and how can we get more?—Revisited from MarsCon 2015.
With: Cynthia Booth, mod.; Lyda Morehouse
Appleseed XIII
IV Hawk’s Ridge (Anime/YA) — Sunday 02:00 pm
In the fallout of a global nuclear war, humans coexist with bioroids\—\clones made of the best human DNA\—\in the thriving city of Olympus. Mechsuit mercenary Deunan and her cyborg partner Briareos lead an elite paramilitary task force to take down anti-clone terrorists bent on bombing their post-apocalyptic paradise into oblivion. Together the soldiers unleash heavy artillery as they track a trail of dead bioroids, override an atomic warhead, and destroy stolen mecha to protect the future of humanity from total annihilation.

The Garden in Speculative Fiction
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Sunday 02:00 pm
What role or purpose can gardens serve in speculative fiction (particularly fantasy)? Sometimes it is merely a setting or resource for characters, but sometimes it’s much more, almost a character in its own right. Who uses gardens well or in an interesting way in spec fic?
With: Ruth Berman, S.N. Arly, mod.; Naomi Kritzer
Pipe Cleaner Creatures
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Sunday 02:00 pm
A hands on panel where attendees can create their own creatures from pipe cleaners.
With: Julie Bowman
The FuMP Jukebox Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 02:30 pm - 30 minutes
In the history of the MarsCon Dementia Track, we’ve had over 50 different comedy music acts perform, and unfortunately there just isn’t enough Main Stage time to give everybody a 30 minute main stage concert every year. That’s why we added to the schedule a show called the FuMP JUKEBOX, in which some of our returning regulars and new faces from the Funny Music Project website & the FuMP Sideshow who didn’t get main stage concerts this year will have a chance to get up on stage and do one of their songs for the awesome MarsCon audience.
With: Luke Ski
Dementia Smackdown Concert
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 03:00 pm - 45 minutes
Our traditional ending to the best weekend ever for fans of comedy music, the Dementia Smackdown will once again feature almost all of our weekend’s performers coming back to the stage one last time to perform cover versions of well known comedy songs, both by established legends, and by each other. The only word to describe it is ‘legenda-epic-awesome-ary’!
With: Luke Ski
Sci/Dealers/Props close
Sunday 03:00 pm

Prop Making Motivation: Tips and Tales
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge) — Sunday 03:00 pm
What keeps us motivated beyond the idea, through the building process, to the completion of a big project? The making of, and the completed projects make for good tales…. And maybe not the ones you were expecting!
With: Dave Brown, Ann Neubauer
Supernatural: Season 11!
II Cardinal Perch (Free Mars) — Sunday 03:00 pm
Now one of the longest running genre shows on television, let’s talk about the Winchester’s, the Darkness, and what’s going on in Heaven and Hell in Season 11!
With: JL
Artistic Inspiration
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) — Sunday 03:00 pm
Authors and artists discuss what inspires them to write or create. What sorts of things spontaneously inspire you? What things do you seek out when you need inspiration? What doesn’t work to jog or instigate inspiration? We’ve all heard of writers’ retreats; is it possible to force inspiration? What squelches your enthusiasm (big picture - general things not specific tiny events or things)?
With: Christine Mitzuk, S. N. Arly, mod.; Patrick W. Marsh, Michael Merriam, Baron Dave Romm, Kathryn Sullivan, John Baichtal
Diversicon Meeting
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Sunday 03:00 pm
Come learn about (and perhaps volunteer for?) this Twin Cities multicultural speculative fiction convention, the 24th edition of which will be held July 29-31, 2016 at the Best Western Plus—Bandana Square, St Paul, with Guest of Honor Jessica Amanda Salmonson and Special Guest Naomi Kritzer.
With: Scott Lohman, Diversicon 24 & 25 Chair, mod.
V Mallard Point (Children’s) — Sunday 03:00 pm
Create your Gallifreyan Heraldry
With: Al
Closing Ceremonies
Ballroom III/IV (Mainstage) — Sunday 04:00 pm
Say “farewell” to the guests & “thanks” to volunteers. Hear news about next year’s convention plans, pre-register for next year, and wonder why the weekend went so quickly.
With: Actor William Morgan Sheppard, Artist Christine Mitzuk, Author Ruth Berman, Filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm, Game Designer Eric Wile, Musician / Dementia Artist The great Luke Ski, Prop Masters Dave Brown, Dave Duca, Michael Glielmi, and Ann Neubauer, Jolene Hardy, Anton Petersen, Christine LaBounty, Matthew Hellendrung
Hotel Clean-up
Sunday 05:00 pm
Everyone is welcome to pitch in with cleaning up and clearing the rooms. Afterwards, join us and celebrate in Con Suite, Krushenko’s and poolside for the after-parties. Thank you, volunteers and everyone else who brought fun to MarsCon!

A Party for Readers and Viewers
Room 1117 (Krushenko’s) — Sunday 07:30 pm
Sponsored by Second Foundation, a Twin Cities speculative fiction book discussion group that has met regularly since January 1983, whose members are also film buffs. Space allowing, we’ll combine conversation, gaming, and viewers’ choice.

Dead Cow Party
Sunday 08:00 pm
in Con Suite (Room 1100)

Hang out. Graze on the leftovers. Moo a little.

MarsCon 2016
“Parallel Dimensions”
March 4-6, 2016

Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport/Mall of America
3800 American Blvd. E.
Bloomington, MN 55425

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