MarsCon 2018 Art Show

MarsCon 2018 Art Show needs your help! Our wonderful Art Show Diva must safeguard her health right now, and we want her to rest, which means we will need extra help to put together the Show. If you have previous experience with helping to run Art Shows, please pitch in if able. Artists who assist with set-up or volunteering in Art Show will get preference on tables and hanging space. Set-up begins at 5:30pm on Thursday, March 1st. Please help if you can.

Once again this year, all artwork entries will need to be of a Scifi/Fantasy theme. If there are any questions about if your art work qualifies for viewing, present your concerns to the art show. If there are any questions or issues regarding if it follows the necessary theme, a select group will make a final decision.

We apologize if this sends any of our artisans away, yet as we continue to grow we must look to the future of the Marscon Art Show and its artisans. For many of you, this decision will not affect you. However, MarsCon is a Scifi/fantasy convention with panels and guests revolving around these genres. We feel the art show reflected them as well.

We appreciate your understanding of this matter and look forward to seeing your work at the 2018 MarsCon Art Show.

MarsCon Art Show staff and volunteers.

Art Show Schedule

Noon–7:00 pmWalk-in Artist Check In
3:00 pm–7:00 pmOpen for Public Viewing
9:00 pm–10:30 pmArtists’ Reception
Quick sales begin
Print Shop Opens
10:00 am–5:00 pmOpen
10:00 am–NoonWalk-in Artist Check In
5:00 pmBidding Closes
Room Closes
7:00 pm–till doneArt Auction
10:00 am–1:00 pmArt Pick up
Art Checkout

Rules for the Bidding Process:

Please remember that a written bid is the same as making a promise. Writing in your bid on a bid sheet indicates a sincere intention to purchase that piece. Please consider your choice carefully before putting a bid on anything. Once written, we prefer that the bid not be crossed out. If you do change your mind, please notify the art show staff.

If you placed a bid on a piece of artwork, you and only you are responsible for discovering if you are the winning bidder, so please check back frequently and be sure to pick up your artwork on Sunday. The Art Show will not hold any artwork. Any artwork not picked up by closing of Art Show on Sunday will be auction off at closing ceremonies. Any questions, comments or concerns should be taken to the Art Show Directors.

PLEASE NOTE: No electronic or photographic imaging of displayed artwork is allowed. Ever! ABSOLUTELY no cameras, bags, backpacks, purses, food, drink, smoke, voluminous cloaks, long coats, jackets, canes, carts or such items not necessary for walking or physical transportation.

Quarter staves, longbows, vials of mysterious liquids, torches (even unlit), pitchforks, or other items that may be regarded potentially dangerous toward causing damage to or theft of artwork are not permitted in the Art Show display space. A claim check area will be provided.

Mail In Art

If you wish to mail your Art work(s) to the show please send an email to and ask for shipping instructions.

Note that all Art work has to be there no later then Wednesday February 28, 2018; any Art work that arrives there after February 28 will not be in the show.

Hanging Fees

The Art Show has no hanging fees, but MarsCon will charge a 15% commission on all sales. MarsCon will pay the cost of credit card use.

All Mail In Art should include funds to cover return postage (if your Art sells we will include this with your payment).

Once again we are asking each artist (or agent) to fill in a Display Art form (for material in the Art Show) and/or the Print Shop form (for material to go into the Print Shop). This will help us get titles and prices exactly right. If you show up at the Art Show without having sent in the form(s) we will have you do it on-site. Save yourself some time at MarsCon and do it in advance.

If you have questions about the Art Show you can write to

MarsCon 2018

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March 2-4, 2018
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