MarsCon 2019 - 'Legends in our Own Minds'

Dealers’ Room

Location and Hours

Ballroom 1&2 / 2nd Floor

Browse and buy from a wide selection of fanish merch from our wonderful dealers, some returning favorites and some newly added for MarsCon 2019.

MarsCon 2019 Dealers

Spirit Haven (Robin West) - crystals, jewelry, figurines

Temperance Arts and Gifts (Karen Larsen) - handmade geeky crochet, knit, and sewing items

Rhiannon’s (Viki Martens) - replica maps and scrolls, handcrafted jewelry, East Indian bags & tapestries

Doctor J Woody’s (Julie Woodbury) - Steampunk & nouveau Victorian jewelry

Dragonrose Designs (Nikita Woltersen) - hand sculpted figures of dragons, fairies, and fantasy critters

Funk ‘n Fantasy (Pat Taylor) - geek emporium featuring figurines, models, geeky socks, tarot, magnets & more

Harvest Treasures of Apple Valley (Dianna Wennblom) - jewelry

SLR Knives (Nick Gardner) - knives, swords, and self-defense items

Dr. Steve (Steven Scarfia, Dynamic Family Chiropractic)

Lady Dragon’s Treasures (Jean Mlynizak) - handmade beaded jewelry

5 Dollar Geek (Viga Gadson) - $5, $10, and $20 grab bags

David Christenson Bookseller (David Christenson) - used & rare books, DVDs, some memorabilia

Wayne & Son Sales (Wayne McCloud) - Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars collectibles

Ralph J. Ryan Art & Design (Ralph J. Ryan) - art prints and originals

DaVinci Scientifica (Lori Alston) - steampunk

Isis Designed (Deneece Lacy) - jewelry, clothing, statuary, books, journals, etc.

Emerald’s Emporium (Jodi Napiorkowski) - asst. statues, books, boxes

SRS Mythic Designs (Kim and Aric Stewart) - one of a kind handmade jewelry and art

Redbird Embroidery (Kerry Boese) - lip balm holders, hand sanitizer holders, inhaler holders, wallets, other embroidered products

Comic Wreck (George Macas Jr.) - books, posters, prints, pop culture items.

Infinite Diversity (Chuck & Pam Zorens) - Star Trek, Doctor Who, and other sci-fi/fantasy collectibles

Adrian Lee with Heather Morris

Totally Exotic (Tim Banovitz) - corsets, clothing, jewelry, and other treasures.

But wait, there will be more in the hallway just outside the Dealers’ Room:

All Things Energy (Jeffrey Tyler) - tarot, psychic, and intuitive readings

Christopher Schmitz - author

Dreamstitcher (Rae Lundquist) - costuming display

Douglas van Dyke / Ozgur K. Sahin / Anela Deen - authors (shared table)

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)

Painted Imagination (Jesica Gibson) - face & body painting, glitter tattoos

"Table 27" (Demential performers) - Dementia music track sales

“Insane Ian as Dealer’s Room”
Luke Ski

MarsCon 2019

“Legends In Our Own Mind”

March 1-3, 2019
Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport/Mall of America
3800 American Blvd. E.
Bloomington, MN 55425

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