MarsCon 2019 - 'Legends in our Own Minds'

Guests of Honor include:
Actor Guest of Honor: Bill Blair
Actor Guest of Honor: J. G. Hertzler
Author Guest of Honor: A. Merc Rustad
Artist Guest of Honor: Luke Ski
Music Guest of Honor: Devo Spice

Dementia Track Performers include:
Carrie Dahlby
Insane Ian
TV‘s Kyle & Linzilla
Steffeny Messinger
Power Salad
Steve Goodie
The Library Bards
Jeff Whitmire
plus! GoHs Devo Spice & Luke Ski

Pro Guests include:
Ruth Berman
Cynthia Booth
Roy Booth
T. Aaron Cisco
Adrian Lee
G. David Nordley
Kathryn Sullivan
Tyler Tork
Joan Marie Verba

Prop Masters (and Dr. Who fans)
Dave Brown
Ann Neubauer-Brown
Dave Duca
Michael Glielmi
Steve Roberts

News from MarsCon...

Parking update as of 6:30 pm FRIDAY:
The hotel has arranged for additional parking for MarsCon. See this map for details. In brief -
Please DO NOT Park at the following locations:
Embassy Suites
Crowne Plaza Aire MN Wildlife Refuge

AUTHORIZED PARKING LOCATION: Metro Park Office building located at 2901 Metro Drive. As of 6:30pm Friday there are many spaces available at this site. Please call the hotel Front Desk at 952-854-2100 or text the shuttle driver at 612-263-8066 when you arrive at the Metro Park Office and the hotel will send a shuttle over as soon as possible. The shuttle is making frequent runs to this parking site. This parking will be available until 5pm Sunday, March 3rd. (Overnight parking is allowed.)

The Bridge aims to answer your questions about MarsCon—even questions to which the answer is not 42. You can call the Bridge throughout MarsCon at X7053 on a hotel phone, or call the front desk at 952-854-2100 and ask to be transferred to the Meadows Room.

The Hilton shuttle has stops at the airport and Mall of America. If needed it can pick up and drop off at overflow parking as well. The shuttle driver may be reached by text at 612-263-8066, or call the front desk (952-854-2100) and ask about the suttle schedule.

The USS Nokomis is thrilled to announce a special perk at the 14th annual MarsCon blood drive! What could it be? Look here.

An expanded Gaming schedule is now announced.

- - -

MarsCon needs Volunteers!
—Children‘s Room
—Badgers for Dealers‘ Room and programming rooms
—Snarkey‘s needs runners and clean up help
—Consuite needs runners and clean up help
—The Bridge needs rovers and people trained to run the Bridge
—Volunteer to help set up Art Show on Thursday night from 6pm to 11pm; you can also hang your art that night
Stop by The Bridge day or night throughout the con to volunteer. Thanks!

MarsCon is a fan-run science fiction convention for all ages held every March in the Twin Cities area. At MarsCon you’ll find panel discussions, gaming, parties, guest of honor presentations, music of many kinds, our art show, film/anime room, science room, dealers room, charity auction, and masquerade. The Dementia track is virtually a con in itself, and attracts a nation-wide audience.

MarsCon 2019

“Legends In Our Own Mind”

March 1-3, 2019
Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport/Mall of America
3800 American Blvd. E.
Bloomington, MN 55425

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Luke Ski's brain revealed!