MarsCon 2019 - 'Legends in our Own Minds'


Parties will return to the 11th floor in 2019.

Below... a preview of what to expect and where to find it this year...

map of 11th floor


Con Suite
Con Suite is where you will find pop, chips, candy and assorted snacks throughout the convention.
Hours will depend upon availability and energy of volunteers, but we plan to open early for coffee lovers and close late for the pleasure of our night owls. Please pitch in to keep Con Suite tidy and open longer. Many thanks to volunteers!


Massage Room
Rue Morgue Massage, the crew with the magic touch, returns to MarsCon. Stop by for their famous back and full body massage. Or Drop into the Black Hole and vibrate your way through space and time. Escape may be impossible losing track of time probable.


ValleyCon returns to MarsCon! Check out the major surprises heading to ValleyCon this fall!
Party hours: 9pm-1am


Karaoke & Desserts
Sing karaoke from the 7,500+ song list and sample some amazing gourmet desserts.
Party hours: May go until 3am.


The Dude’s Abode
Strikes and gutters, ups and downs...doesn’t matter what you’re feeling, it’s always a good time to grab an oat soda and hit The Dude’s Abode. The Dude abides.
Party hours: 8pm-1am


Anime Fusion
Revisit classic anime and discover new favorites with the convention that spans the ages. Whether you’re just getting into anime or haven’t dusted off those old VHS tapes in years, there’s a place for you at Anime Fusion. Stop in, watch some anime, and let us grill you a cheese!
Party hours: 6-10pm

“Beth Kinderman as Room Parites”
Luke Ski


IKV RakeHell Party
“Game of Kronos”
You win or you die. Come drink and know things.
We will be open from 9pm on Fri and after the masquerade on Sat.


Space Oddity Music & Brew Pub
This party goes to 11! Returning for our 11th year at MarsCon, Space Oddity offers you the finest in craft beer, boxed wine, cocktails, snacks, and music circles.
Party hours: 7pm–late.


U.S.S. Nokomis Party
Spectre of the Gun - a Star Trek Legend.
Party hours: 8pm-Midnight


A/V Room
We will bring you the great cult classics, great geeky films and a few surprises along the way. The A/V Room needs your help—if you love films, please help out the A/V room by volunteering! Sponsored by Geek Partnership Society.
See program schedule for the final movie list.


White Tiger Martial Arts
Come hang out with sword students from WTMA! We’ll be serving up an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and tasty snacks perfect for relaxing after a long day of training. Get your Push Up Club ribbon by doing push-ups with us and earn a month of free Korean Sword classes!
Party hours: 7pm-1am


Krushenko’s Lounge
Krushenko’s and its sometime partner, Krushenko’s Annex (Room 1116), are spaces that encourage conversation about science fiction and fantasy at SF conventions. Krushenko’s, named after a Manhattan bistro in Larry Niven’s novel Ringworld, started at the 1983 Minicon, and now also travels to CONvergence, Diversicon, and Arcana in the Twin Cities and WisCon in Madison. A regular feature of MarsCon since 1999, Krushenko’s (with help from the Annex) this year serves up panels and discussions about SF in literature and other media in the daytimes, and conversational SF-related parties in the evenings. “Krushenko’s is accustomed to serving alien guests!”
Party hours: May go until 2am.


Karaoke Joe’s Café
Karaoke Joe’s returns to MarsCon! Karaoke Joe’s Café has been known as the place where you can sing (and listen to) just about anything your heart desires, from Barry Manilow to Black Sabbath and from Rupert Holmes to Rocky Horror Picture Show. Karaoke Joe’s has a continually expanding catalog of roughly 7,000 songs! Come prepared to have a great time watching, or pluck up some courage and sing a song yourself! So stop by, pick a song and Rock The Mike!
Party hours: May go until 3am.

“Power Salad as Consuite & Sanrky’s Café”
Luke Ski


Red Ribbon Room
Steam Century invites you to solve a steampunk mystery and participate in other events including a scavenger hunt, craft hour, and tea and parlour games! Explore our interactive set and talk with characters.


Babylon 5 Anniversary Party
Party hours: 7pm-1am


Relax & Craft
Mickie & Jennifer do a knitting thing.
Party hours: 10am – 8pm

...and on the 12th floor...


Snarky’s Café
Join Snarky’s Café, and Lady Jan and her staff will keep the agents of hunger at bay. For a low price in addition to MarsCon registration fee, MarsCon attendees who volunteer 5+ hours and Dealers stuck at their posts may enjoy three meals a day from start of Con to the end. All food served in Snarky’s is purchased with money from Snarky’s Registrations – not Con Funds.

MarsCon 2019

“Legends In Our Own Mind”

March 1-3, 2019
Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport/Mall of America
3800 American Blvd. E.
Bloomington, MN 55425

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