Dealers’ Room

The Dealers’ Room will be in Ballrooms I & II (second floor) as well as in the hallway by the Ballrooms. Here is where MarsCon members may browse and buy from a wide selection of fanish merch from our wonderful dealers, some returning favorites and some newly added for MarsCon 2022.

Dealers’ Room Hours
Friday: 3pm-7pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-3pm

In Room:

  1. Emerald’s Emporium – (Jodi Napiorkowski)
    Art statues, Journals, Boxes, Greeting cards and more.
  2. Lady Dragon’s Treasures – (Jean Mlynczak)
    Handmade bead jewelry.
  3. Victoria and The Artist LLC – (Victoria Robertson)
    Original Artwork.
  4. Spirit Haven (Ambience Massage) – (Robin West)
    Crystals, fossils, jewelry witchballs, sage.
  5. Rokaturas LLC – (Rocky Casillas Aguirre)
    Art prints, stickers, pins/buttons, sketchcards, apparel.
  6. Wayne and Sons – (Jeffrey McCloud)
    Autographs, Toys and many other collectables. Wayne’s Estate Sale.
  7. Isis Designed – (Deneece Lacy)
    Jewelry, Egyptian statuary, other.
  8. Scoundrelle’s Keep – (Heather Luca)
    Corsets, skirts, dresses, pockets, bags.
  9. S.R.S. Mythic Designs – (Kim & Aric Stewart)
    Handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and art.
  10. Redbird Embroidery Etc. – (Kerry Boese)
    Geeky Embroidery and Sewing.
  11. Dragonrose Designs – (Nikita Woltersen)
    Whimsical hand-sculpted figurines, accessories, cosplay horns, and hair accessories of dragons, fairies, and other fantastical creatures.
  12. Infinite Diversity – (Chuck & Pam Zorens)
    Sci-fi/fantasy toys & collectibles such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who, Anime among other genres.
  13. Funk ’n Fantasy – (Patricia Taylor)
    Collectibles, Socks, Jewelry, Gifts.
  14. Dreamhaven Books
  15. Dreamhaven Books
  16. Cloudy Sky Comics – (Jonathan Wilson)
    Comics: The Hitman Graduate, mini-comics: Phoenix Star, Nowhere Bound, Sketchcards.
  17. Awesome Industries – (Chris Lyons)
    Miscellaneous wood working items.
  18. Oddly Intriguing Collection – (Heather Morris)
    Custom figures, terrible teddies, books.
  19. Skullcrusher Studio – (Baby Skullcrusher)
    Stickers, art prints, handmade dice, pins, custom artwork requests.
  20. CierraStyles – (Cierra Josephine B. Roach)
    Broadway, Doctor Who, Heroes and Villains shoes, doorknob hangers and purses.
  21. Dragons Den – (Jean Wiersma)
    Cosplay acessories - hats, masks, gloves, belts, glasses, ears, tails.
  22. Brazen Device – (Evan Thomas)
    Resin sculpture, jewelry, collectibles.
  23. Wild Riders Leather & Wood – (Sasha Wieczorek)
    Leather hip bags, leather & canvas bags, leather & wood pins, leather pouches, leather Mason jar mugs, acrylic LED desk lamps, wood clocks, wood plaques.

Artists / Authors Alley (Foyer):

  1. Illusion Makeup Studio – (Bill Hedrick)
    Makeup service.
  2. ANRIAS, Games – (Dave Burgwald)
    Tabletop games.
  3. MUFON
  4. Table 27 – (Comedy Music performers)
    Merch for Luke Sienkowski , Kyle A. Carrozza, Lindsay Smith, Tom Rockwell, Chris Mezzolesta, Ian Bonds, Garrett Snook, Carrie Dahlby, Elizabeth Thompson, Sharla Stremski, Beth Kinderman, Dave Stagner, Ross Childs, Beth Patterson, Steve Goodie, Eric Tomme, Brett Glass, Alexandria Rasey.
  5. DreamStitcher Custom Costume – (Rae Lundquist)
    Costumes (dressed mannequins and photos on display)
  6. Info
  7. Info
  8. Dan Voltz Art – (Dan Voltz)
    Science fiction art featuring spaceships and dinosaurs, printing on high quality paper or eye catching metal.
  9. TROSCA Mystical Armory – (Steve Scarfi)
    Hand-made magic wands.
  10. Artist GoH Jon Sloan
  11. Author GoH Catherine Lundoff
  12. Debbie David
  13. Flame Point Games LLC – (Andrew Kuplic)
    Board games, stickers.
  14. Art by Tyler Prawl – (Tyler Prawl)
    Artwork, prints, stickers.
  15. Sticker Dumpling – (Sabrina Leung)
    Kawaii handmade stickers, pins, keychains and jewelry inspired by anime, video games and geek culture.


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