Hilton Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport
our hotel for MarsCon 2022

The Hilton graciously allowed us to change our booking to 2022. 2021 rates apply!

For 2022...

...MarsCon will return to:

Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America
3800 American Blvd E
Bloomington, Minnesota
USA 55425
Map & directions

our area map

The Hilton is mostly accessible by mass transit... it’s about 4/10ths of a mile from the American Blvd LRT stop. There are also shuttles to the LRT stop, the airport, and the Mall of America. If you have trouble walking (perhaps due to luggage or snow) the best transit option is probably bus or train to MoA, then take the hotel shuttle.

Hey You, Get A Room!

Having your own room gives you site to store your stuff, a place to park your paraphernalia, a closet to contain your costumes, and somewhere to sleep. Sleeping sometime over the weekend is a good idea, and less travel time over the weekend gives you more time to be at the con.

The cutoff for lowest rates on sleeping rooms has passed, but you may still reserve a standard room for $118.00 + tax per night through March 10, 2022. Follow the same link as before: MarsCon 2022 booking link. Room rates are $99.00 + tax per night (run of the house) or $123.00 + tax per night (junior suites). The cutoff date for this rate is Thursday, Feb 17, 2022.


Parking continues to be spotty at best. We will work with the hotel to line up additional space, but we strongly suggest ridesharing/cab/Uber/Lyft/LRT. Hint: if you book a sleeping room you only have to park your chariot once.

Travel Tips

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we recommend carpooling or mass transit to reach MarsCon. But if you do drive and find the Hilton parking lot is full, there will be overflow parking (somewhere).

MarsCon 2022

“The future ain’t what it used to be”
March 11 - 13, 2022
In Person

Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America
3800 American Blvd E
Bloomington, Minnesota
March 11 - 13, 2022

click to donate MarsCon has ongoing expenses but zero registration revenue for 2021 - if you were registered for MarsCon 2021 your membership has been rolled over to 2022. If you are able, please consider a Donation to MarsCon.

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