August 2001 Note that all MarsCon 2000 email addresses have been deactivated ... they have been thoroughly harvested by spammers. Links on the home page will lead you to currently used email addresses.

What is MarsCon?

MarsCon consists of one or several convention committees running wonderful conventions, and a "parent organization" dedicated to training and developing people who want to run conventions. MarsCon was started by a group of people who were vitally interested inkeeping a multi media fan-run convention in the Twin Cities Area.

Encompassing all Science, Science Fiction and Fantasy media; Literature, Music, Art, Costume, Film-Video-Television, Gaming, Theme Parties and "Hard" Sciences, MarsCon is the kind of convention WE want to attend. We are a fan-friendly, volunteer-friendly group with a special reverence for the history and traditions of Science Fiction.

We are looking forward to a bright and glorious future.

Arthur (Artie) Johnson
President, MarsCon

MarsCon Officers:

Art Johnson - President
Theresa Jones - Treasurer
George Madline - Secretary

MarsCon 2000 ConCom:

Executive Committee

Bill Willis - Head
Nina Berg
Art Johnson
Christine LaBounty
Mary Loving
Theresa Jones

Departments / Concom Members

Art Show - Nora Leverson, Lucia Johnson, Joyce Scrivner
Auctions - Erik Larson
Communications - Christine LaBounty
Dance / Mainstage Tech Support - John Allen
Dealer's Room - Wayne McCloud, Darryl Wilmuth
Drum Jam - Tod O'Donoghue
Finance - Theresa Jones
Fundraising - Jolene Hardy
Gaming - Bill Willis, Todd Burns
Guest of Honor Liaisons - Jonya Pacey, Wayne McCloud
   Guest of Honor Escorts - West Hennry, Jessie Berg, Patti Kieper, Kathy Sullivan
Hotel Liaison - Malasondra Doepner
Krushenko's - Eric Heideman
Masquerade - Jolene Hardy
Minnesota Munchie Movement - Rick Gellman
Operations - Art Johnson
Parties / Consuite - Malasondra Doepner
Programming - Nina Berg, Christine LaBounty
Publications / Marketing - Mary Loving, Lynne Tauer
Registration - George Madline
Science Room - Ben Huset
Security - Jeff "Fluffy" Claussen
Video - Nina Berg
Volunteers - Ron Searby
Webmasters - Ben Huset, Rich Brown