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Mars Today is the offical newsletter of MarsCon. Check back here often to find special announcements, the latest information about MarsCon & MarsCon 2000, and schedule information for meetings and other MarsCon activities.

January, 2000

Happy New Year!

We'd like to welcome aboard all the new members who signed up for MarsCon this past month. Thank you all for your support! We're looking forward to partying with you at the convention! Richly-deserved "thanks" also go to the members of local clubs such as Xenaversity of Minnesota, the Time Lords, IKV RakeHell, U.S.S. Nokomis, R.O.G., the Q Continuum, Diversicon (SF Minnesota), U.S.S. Horizon, CONvergence/MISFITS, the Twin Cities Robotics Club, U.S.S. Czar'ak, the TARNIS, Minnesota Space Frontier Society, and the Whitestar Phoenix...just to name a few. Many club members have already registered and many have expressed their willingness to participate in programming and volunteering at MarsCon. Thank you all for your participation! We can't say "thank you" enough.

MARSCON PROGRAMMING UPDATE - We are most fortunate to have many local pros planning to help out with MarsCon's Programming this year. Thus far, they include Paula L. Fleming, Lyda Morehouse, Robert Subiaga, Jr., John Mundt, Doug Mahnke, Shawn Van Briesen, Terry Pavlet, Matt Savelkoul, John Koblas, Dave Page, and Joe West...and we hope to add a few more names to that list very soon. There are many fine & fun ideas for Programming at this point, but we could always use a few more. If you have an idea for a panel discussion or event which you'd like to see at MarsCon, don't be shy. Drop us a line at or via the regular mailing address listed below, and tell us about your idea. We'd love to hear from you.

GAMING AT MARSCON - We are seeking suggestions & volunteers for games, LARPs, and other gaming-related activities for MarsCon 2000. Please contact us if you have any suggestions, questions, or would like to volunteer to run a game or be a gaming judge.

CALL FOR ARTWORK! - MarsCon needs artwork for con T-shirts, Volunteer T-shirts, badge art, publications, etc... Now's the time to sharpen those pencils, dust off that mouse and get to work! All art must be submitted in camera-ready form by March 1, 2000. The artists whose work is selected will be praised in our Program Book and provided with gratis copies of the final printed form for their portfolios. Please contact us through our P.O. Box or at if you have questions.

WE'RE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD FEN - Yes, we need volunteers! No volunteer-run convention can happen without volunteers. One hour, one day, or whatever time and talents you have to offer will be appreciated. Volunteer for the fun, volunteer to contribute to fandom, or volunteer for the perks (free buttons, free t-shirts, discounts, etc...)-- doesn't matter to us, just volunteer! Send us a Volunteer Form, or contact us at, or write us at our P.O. Box. You WILL be contacted!

CONCOM MEETING INVITATION - Our next ConCom Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 16, 2000, from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the Anoka County/Northtown Central Library located in Blaine, Minnesota. We will start the meeting by first hearing from ConCom members who also belong to the Time Lords. (Time Lords will need to leave early for their 13th Anniversary Party. Congratulations on your Anniversary, Time Lords!!) Other topics we plan to cover at the meeting include: Programming ideas, parties, Progress Report #2, and planning for MarsCon 2001. Please come if you can. This meeting is open to everyone, and we encourage you to attend and become more involved in planning MarsCon 2000.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS - The library's address is Northtown Central Library, 711 Highway 10 NE, Blaine, Minnesota, and it is located very near the Northtown Shopping Center. For more specific directions phone: 612/717-3267; TDD: 612/717-3271.

Hope to see you there! Best wishes to you for a wonderful year 2000!

Don't Panic! M2K is Coming!
Radisson South Hotel, Bloomington, MN May 12-14, 2000

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