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Mars Today is the offical newsletter of MarsCon. Check back here often to find special announcements, the latest information about MarsCon & MarsCon 2000, and schedule information for meetings and other MarsCon activities.

April, 2000

Hi, again!

Spring is finally here, and there's one month to go before MarsCon 2000...no fooling. There have been a lot of changes to our web site recently, so we urge you to check out the news at Registration forms, Progress Reports [one and two (pdf format)], a Preliminary Programming Schedule, a list of Charity Auction Items and Gaming info may now be found on-line, so please stop in for a visit. [Webmaster's note: You made it! Welcome. Have a look around.]

Time To Register & Reserve A Hotel Room
Now is the time to register for the convention and reserve your hotel rooms if you or your friends haven't done so already, as our next rate increase happens on April 17th! Very soon. The Radisson South Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota will be hotel for MarsCon 2000. Those of you who have been to conventions at the Radisson before know how great and con-friendly this hotel is for SF / Fantasy conventions. The Radisson South is now accepting reservations for sleeping rooms for MarsCon 2000. Call the Radisson at 612-835-7800 or 1-800-333-3333 and be sure to tell them you're with MarsCon to get the convention room rate. Party cabanas must be reserved directly through MarsCon.

The Room Rates Are...
South Tower (that's the tall one): $95/night + tax
North Tower: $115/night + tax
Cabana rooms: $115/night + tax
Cabana rooms may be reserved for individuals or groups hosting open parties on Friday and / or Saturday night. Please make your reservations for Cabana rooms by either submitting a Party Room Request (pdf format), or by Emailing our Head of Parties and Hotel Goddess, Malasondra Doepner, at parties@marscon.com. The Radisson South will NOT be accepting reservations for the party Cabanas. Cabanas will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Be A Volunteer! It's Not Too Late!
Yes, we need volunteers! No volunteer-run convention can happen without volunteers. One hour, one day, or whatever time and talents you have to offer will be appreciated. Volunteer for the fun, volunteer to contribute to fandom, or volunteer for the perks (free buttons, free t-shirts, discounts, etc...) -- doesn't matter to us, just volunteer! Send us a Volunteer Form [pdf format], or email us at volunteers@marscon.com, or write us at our P.O. Box, or call us and leave a message. You will be contacted!

Upcoming Open Meetings
Our next ConCom Meetings will take place at the Woodland North Apartments Party Room. These meetings are all open to everyone, and we encourage you to attend and become more involved in planning MarsCon 2000. Here is the meeting schedule:
Sunday, April 9, 2000 - 1 to 4 pm (Woodland North Apartments Party Room)
Sunday, April 16, 2000 - 1 to 4 pm (Woodland North Apartments Party Room)
Sunday, April 30, 2000 - 1 to 4 pm (Woodland North Apartments Party Room)
Sunday, May 7, 2000 - 1 to 4 pm (Woodland North Apartments Party Room)
Friday-Sunday, May 12-14, 2000 - MarsCon Happens!!

Driving Directions
The Woodland North Apartments are located apx 3 miles north of the Northtown / Anoka Library. Travel north on Highway 10 through scenic Blaine and past the library. Turn right onto University Avenue. Travel about 1/2 mile, and you will see a sign for "Woodland North" on your left hand side. The street address is 9240 University Avenue Northwest, Coon Rapids, Minnesota. When you arrive, just buzz the party room in Building D. Map

Hope to see you there!

Don't Panic! M2K is Coming!
Radisson South Hotel, Bloomington, MN May 12-14, 2000

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Snail Mail: MarsCon, P.O. Box 600458, St. Paul, MN 55106
Web Site Address: www.MarsCon.com
Phone Messages: 612-724-0687 (sorry, no collect calls!)

© 2000 MarsCon. All rights reserved.

Messages: 612-724-0687 (sorry, no collect calls!)

© 2000 MarsCon. All rights reserved.