Dealers’ Room

The application process for 2023 dealers is now closed. We have our roster of dealers and alternates. A list will appear here as MarsCon nears.

The Dealers’ Room will be in Ballrooms I &II (second floor) as well as in the hallway by the Ballrooms. Here is where MarsCon members may browse and buy from a wide selection of fanish merch from our wonderful dealers, some returning favorites and some newly added for MarsCon 2023.

Dealers’ Room Hours
Friday: 3pm-7pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-3pm

Here’s who you’ll find in the Dealers’ Room:

Table 17: Awesome Industries
Hand painted signs

Table 22: DoctorJWoody’s Geegaws & Gizmati (Julie Woodbury)
Jewelry and miscellaneous in what is known as Steampunk aesthetic

Table 18: Dragon’s Den (Jean Wiersma)
Cosplay accessories, toys, dice

Table 11: Dragonrose Designs (Nikita Woltresen)
Whimsical hand-sculpted original figurines, accessories, cosplay horns, ornaments of dragons and other fantastical creatures

Tables 14-15: DreamHaven Books (Lisa Freitag)
New/used SF books

Table 1: Emerald’s Emporium (Jodi Naplorkowski)
Fantasy art sculpures, blank books, boxes, greeting cards, etc.

Table 13: Funk ‘n Fantasy (Pat Taylor)
Assorted geeky stuff

Table 12: Infinite Diversity (C & P Zorens)
Sci-fi / fantasy toys & collectables such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, anime among other genres

Table 7: Isis Designed (Deneece C. Lacy)
Jewelry, aromatherapy stones, boards, clothing, miscellaneous items

Table 2: Lady Dragon’s Treasures (Jean Mlynczak)
Handmade jewelry

Table 6: McCloud Collectables (Jeffrey McCloud)

Table 21: Raden Studios (Amber Raden)
Original fantasy/sci-fi art (and print reproductions of original art), handcrafted geeky accessories (bags, lanyards, cord wraps, etc.), and my first comic book (assuming all goes well and it arrives on time).

Table 16: Rhiannon (Viki Martins)
Hand produced maps and scrolls, hand produced jewelry, vintage clothing and articles

Table 8: S.R.S. Mythic Designs (Kim and Aric Stewart)
Handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and art

Table 4: Spirit Haven (Robin West)
Rocks, sterling rings & pendants with gemstones, sage, witchballs

Table 10: Starshine Plush (Tasha Van Garsse)
Hand made custom plush designs, buttons, resin keychains

Table 3: Sterling Games (Jay King)
Cribbage boards, signs, beverage coasters, drinkware

Table 20: Sugarbplays DIY Cross Stitch (Binbin Shen)
Hand made cross stitch kits

Table 5: Tuck Tuk’s Trinkets and Terrain (David Semenick)
Tabletop game terrain and minis, home decor

Table 9: Victoria & The Artist (Victoria Robertson)
Original artwork

Table 23: Wild Riders Leather & Wood (Sasha Wieczorek)
Leather & mason jar mugs, leather dice, wood plaques, wood clocks, wood & leather pins, LED lamps

Here’s who you’ll find in the hallway outside the Dealers’ Room:

Table 33: Anrias Games (Sara Barnaby)
Table top games & accessories

Table 29: Darcy Bell-Myers
Artist Guest of Honor

Table 28: Dhea Loral (Douglas Van Dyke Jr.)
Books that I've written as an Author. Mostly fantasy, one RPG humor, one Steampunk

Table 36: Dravynmoor (Dawn Frans)
Fantasy and historical inspired jewelry, crowns, and armor for women

Table 34: DreamStitcher Custom Costume (Rae Lundquist)
Costume photos and displays (no sales)

Tables 24-25: Bradley & Christine Galey
Media Guests of Honor

Table 37: Bonnie Gordon
Music Guest of Honor

Table 30: Patricia Christine Hodgell
Author Guest of Honor

Table 26: Nathan Lueth Illustration
Self-published graphic novels, art prints, custom art commissions

Table 31: Queen of Swords Press (Catherine Lundoff)

Sticker Dumpling (Sabrina Leung)
Illustrated stickers and ploymer clay accessories including earrings and pins

Table 27: “Table 27” (Comedy Music track performers)
CDs, media, downloads, etc.

Table 35: Wyvern’s Aerie (Daniel Myers)

Dealers Room Map

If you have questions about the Dealers’ Room please write to Thank you.

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