2023 MarsCon Party Floor

Here is our 11th floor lineup so far. There’s still time and space for you or your group to host a party; see below.

On the Eleventh Floor you’ll find:

Con Suite (1100)
Relax. Converse. Find snacks. Con Suite is where you will find assorted snacks throughout the convention. Hours will depend upon availability and energy of volunteers, but we plan to open early for coffee lovers and close late for the pleasure of our night owls. Please pitch in to keep Con Suite tidy and open longer. Many thanks to volunteers!

Anime Fusion (1102) New location!
Revisit classic anime and discover new favorites with the convention that spans the ages. Whether you’re just getting into anime or haven’t dusted off those old VHS tapes in years, there’s a place for you at Anime Fusion. Stop in, watch some anime, and let us grill you a cheese!
Party hours: 7pm-midnight

Crashing Course (1103-1104) New Location!
Don’t Drink and Drive.
Party hours: 16
ValleyCon (1105)
Captain Kirk’s House of Ill-Repute returns to MarsCon! Join us at Valleycon 48 in Fargo, ND, where guests will include Highlander’s Adrian Paul and Billy West!

The Dude’s Abode (1107)
The Big Lebowski themed. 10 years of just taking it easy, man!
Party hours: 8pm-1am

A Rift in Space and Time (1108)
Due to the instability of matter in the vicinity of room 1108, ConFelicity will occupy the neutral zone between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. See 1114.

Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub (1111)
Craft beer, snacks, and music circles.
Party hours: 7pm - late

Klingon Imperial Library Lounge (KILL) (1113)
Because you haven’t read The Art of War until you have read it in the original Klingon.
Hosted by IKV RakeHell
Party hours: Freday 10pm-2am; Saturday after Masquerade to 2am

ConFelicity (1114)
“Do you feel like a failure as a heartless killing machine? Come unwind with us at our room party and get pampered and rejuvenated, just like you deserve. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about our upcoming Relaxacon event!”—ChatGPT
Party hours: Saturday 8pm-midnight

A Piece of the Action (1115)
The gangsters of Sigma Iotia are serving Red and Green in the USS Nokomis room this year. Join us for a drink and a visit and a piece of our action!
Hosted by USS Nokomis
Party hours: 7pm-midnight

Krushenko’s Lounge (1117)
Krushenko’s is a space that encourages conversation about science fiction and fantasy at SF conventions. Krushenko’s, named after a Manhattan bistro in Larry Niven’s novel Ringworld, started at the 1983 Minicon, and now also travels to Con-Sarnit and Diversicon in the Twin Cities and WisCon in Madison. A regular feature of MarsCon since 1999, Krushenko’s this year serves up panels and discussions about SF in literature and other media in the daytimes, and conversational SF-related parties in the evenings.
Krushenko’s is accustomed to serving alien guests!

Film Room (1119)
Serving up fan films and cult classics through the weekend. See room for schedule.

The Library (1121)
Shhh… Who turned out the lights?

Massage Room (1125)
Rue Morgue Massage, the crew with the magic touch, returns to MarsCon. Stop by and sign up for their famous back and full body massage. Or Drop into the Black Hole and vibrate your way through space and time. Escape may be impossible losing track of time probable.

Harry Potter: Professor McGonagall's study / DreamStitcher Custom Costume (1127)
We will be offering “Tea with the Professors” on late Sat afternoon, for those people who donate to our party room fund. HP trivia contest, and other games will be offered.
Party hours: 7pm-1am

Care to host a party?

Whether you are showcasing your club or upcoming event, or would just like a space to chill and hang out with others in a less formal party setting, all types of parties are welcome. Please fill out the Party Room Request below or drop us a note if you are planning a party.

Like to be closer to the action? If you would like your sleeping room on the Party Floor, also please let us know. This can happen. Thank you, party hosts!

Party hosts may wish to use this typical room layout drawing to plan their party layouts. (This is the same layout map we have been sending people to for the past several years.) Remember: your actual room may be a mirror image of this drawing, and may in fact differ in small or large ways: it's a drawing of a room, not your room.

Inflation is everywhere! Everything costs more than it did a year ago, right?


Rates for party rooms are the same as in 2022 and the same as regular sleeping rooms in the MarsCon block ($99.00 + tax per night for a standard room). You may book a room at the MarsCon rate here, then email us at parties25a@marscon.org with your reservation number. Our party planning personnel will work with the Hilton to move your reservation to the party floor.

If you are planning to host a party, please fill in the Party Request Form below. It will help us collect all the information we need in one place.

(on some browsers you may need to scroll down past the menu items to reach the form!)

Name of Group hosting the party:

Nights you will need the party room and nights you’ll be hosting a party:

 Thu/Fri, March 9/10 (possible early arrival day) Not needed Room, no party
 Fri/Sat, March 10/11 Not needed Room, no party Party night
 Sat/Sun, March 11/12 Not needed Room, no party Party night
 Sun/Mon, March 12/13 (possible late departure day) Not needed Room, no party

Approximate party hours:

Party Theme/Description:

Name of contact person:

Contact phone number:

Contact email address:

Will you be needing Party Room ONLY - Buttons for any members of your group? (This is NOT a MarsCon badge and will NOT allow access to any areas that are designated as MarsCon Convention Space.)
Yes No

If marked Yes, Please include names and ages of people that you will be needing buttons for.

MarsCon offers an attractive rate for party hosts: two memberships at $10.00 off each when booked at the same time as submitting this form. The discount offer ends Jan 31, 2023 Alert! Extended to Feb 2 - at that time normal At The Door membership rates will apply.
Buy the two memberships here (scroll down the page to the Room Party Hosts section. Book your two memberships at substantially the same time as submitting this form.
Are you taking advantage of this discount? Yes No

If so, please enter the names and desired badge names of the two hosts here.

Will you (likely) want the bed removed from your party room if we can arrange it with the hotel? Price TBA.
Yes No

Do you want to enter your party into the Party Room Contest?
Yes No

Do you want your party room adjacent to a particular group? If you do, please state the name of the group:

Do you want your party room not placed next to a particular group? If so, please state the name of the group:
(your request will be kept confidential)

Add any questions or additional requests here:

MarsCon 2023

“When Books Come Alive”
March 10 - 12, 2023

Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America
3800 American Blvd E
Bloomington, Minnesota

Send questions about MarsCon to info25a@marscon.org, we’ll do our best to send answers!

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