25th MarsCon Masquerade

This year to celebrate our 25th Anniversary we’re doing something special! In addition to special hours in the masquerade lounge and costume and makeup exhibits our normal Masquerade will have a special class, The Flashback Award!

Masquerade Classes:

Flashback—Any contestant regardless of class from the last 25 years is invited to recreate their entry from a previous year! The winner will receive a special award!

Youth class—Contestants in this division must be fifteen (15) years of age or younger. A Youth Division Contestant who has won major awards for Masquerade/cosplay at conventions may be considered in one of the higher divisions.

Novice class—This division is intended for those who have little or no experience with Masquerade/cosplay. Contestants in this division must not have previously won any major awards for cosplay at conventions.

Experienced class—This division is intended for those who have some experience with Masquerade/cosplay. Contestants in this division may have won awards at conventions but must not have won more than two (2) awards.

Master class—(This division is intended for those who are highly experienced with cosplay. Contestants in this division have won 2 or more major awards (best in class best in show) at conventions for Masquerade/cosplay.

Best in Show—Self explanatory but difficult to describe!

Contestants will have their costumes judged on workmanship, performance and documentation. All costumes must be original to the entry (although can be based on any genre or medium) and must conform to the MarsCon rules.

Entry applications will be available at the Bridge (Meadows room) and the Masquerade Lounge (Blue Heron Colony) and must be submitted by 5pm Saturday. Please prepare your music or verbiage on an audio file on USB and submit it along with your application.

We’re gonna have fun and a great show so bring those costumes and join us!!

See video from the 2022 Masquerade here.

MarsCon 2023

“When Books Come Alive”
March 10 - 12, 2023

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