Hello MarsCon Gamers! It is a brand-new year and with it brings new acquaintances to meet and hang out with, as well as long cherished friends to reconnect with. Please make sure to come down and enjoy our library of games provided by Matt McMillan and Twin Cities Game Fest. Our team has loved hanging out with everyone and looks forward to even more fun this year.

All of our events this year (like last year) will be “on demand” which means that we will be available to provide lots of fun and excitement without the constraints of you missing an event that you might have wanted to partake in. A fan favorite will be our huge Archenemy event. Our record is 1 vs 11, and we hope to top that this year! We also have some surprise board games that you will only find out about at the convention (we must leave you with SOME suspense, don’t we?).

Midwest Jedi Midwest Jedi (222 N Main St, River Falls, WI) will provide prize support for Magic the Gathering. Thanks, Reuben!

Wheel of Time Collectable Card Game Demo
Saturday - 10am to noon
Pre-constructed decks provided. 2-6 players.

The Source
Sword of Air 2023
Burl Zorn of Source Comics and Games (2057 Snelling Ave N, Roseville, MN) will once again be running the Sword of Air Campaign.
2pm - 10pm Friday
2pm - 10pm Saturday
noon - close Sunday
Still 3.5/Pathfinder.
Anyone new can create a 25 heroic build character or we can give them a choice of a multitude of pregenerated characters.
People can come and go as they please as I always realize that there is a whole convention going on and I am only one small event in the midst of other events. If we are in the middle of a battle we will keep them active during the battle, award experience and set aside their character for their return.
The story thus far is a group of adventurers from the Hot Plainslands to the south heard that there was trouble to the North and assistance was called for.
After hundreds of miles trekking to the north, they came upon a village that was having trouble with their chickens disappearing. Upon investigation, they discovered brigands digging into a hill to loot an old tomb.
The adventurers discovered a broken relic called the Scepter of Faiths. They also discovered that a great evil that was imprisoned in the tomb escaped and centuries ago the Scepter was the only way to defeat it.
They are now traveling the lands going from one temple to the next to get Blessings put on it to restore it to it's former greatness. They just finished in Bargarsport and have begun the 450 mile trek to the Hanging Gardens of Iseleine in the northern part of the Great Kajaani Forest.
We'll open with the trek northward.
Burl will probably run this online as well as in person.

Other scheduled events are likely to pop up.

Here is a comprehensive list of games MarsCon Gaming is planning to bring. Feel free to bring any board games that you own and want to share with others. We will ensure that there is enough space for all!

Game NameGame TypePlayersAge
3 Laws of RoboticsCard 4-8 13+
7 Wonders Board 2-7 10+
Beast Masters Duel: Sun and Stone Board 2 8+
Betrayal at the House on the Hill Board 3-6 12+
Bohnanza Card 2-7 13+
Bohnanza: Gangsters Card 2-7 13+
Bohnanza: Princes & Pirates Card 2-7 13+
Boss Monster Card 2-4 13+
Catan Histories: Settlers of America Trails to Rails Board 3-4 12+
Catan: Starfarers Board 3-4 14+
Chez Dork Card 2-6 12+
Cosmic Encounter Board 3-5 14+
D&D: Rock Paper Wizard Card 3-6 14+
D&D: The Legend of Drizzt Board 1-5 12+
Dead of Winter Board 2-5 14+
Dead Panic Board 2-6 13+
Elder Sign Board 1-8 14+
Fluxx: Marvel Card 1-6 8+
Founders Board 1-4 12+
Get Bit Card 2-6 8+
King of Tokyo Board 2-6 8+
Marvel: Avengers Infinity War Card 2-4 10+
Marvel: Villainous Card 2-4 12+
Marvel: Villainous Infinite Power Card 2-4 12+
Memoir '44 Board 2-8 8+
MTG: Explorers of Ixalan Card 2-4 13+
MTG: Heroes of Dominaria Board 2-4 14+
MTG: Ravinica Inquisition Card 5-10 14+
Munchkin: Fantasy Card 3-6 13+
Munchkin: Fantasy Expansions Card 3-6 13+
Munchkin: Marvel Card 3-6 13+
Munchkin: Warhammer 40,000 Card 3-6 13+
Mystic Market Card 2-4 10+
Ogre: Objective 218 Card 2 8+
Once Upon a Time Card 2-6 8+
One Deck Dungeon Card 1-2 14+
Risk: Plants vs Zombies Board 2 10+
Robo Rally: Second Edition Board 2-8 12+
Roll Player Board 1-4 10+
Space Marine Adventures Board 1-4 8+
SPANC: Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls Card 2-4 14+
Star Realms: Deckbuilding Game Card 2 12+
Star Trek: Alliance - Dominion War Campaign Board 1-2 14+
Star Trek: Expeditions Board 1-4 14+
Star Trek: Five-Year Mission Card 3-7 10+
Star Trek: Frontiers Board 1-4 14+
Star Wars: Outer Rim Board 1-4 14+
Superfight Card 4-6 8+
The Resistance Board 5-10 13+
Ticket to Ride Board 2-5 8+
Tsuro Board 2-8 5+
Warhammer 40,000: Relic Board 2-4 14+
Zombie Dice: Horde Edition Dice 2+ 10+

MarsCon 2023

“When Books Come Alive”
March 10 - 12, 2023

Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America
3800 American Blvd E
Bloomington, Minnesota

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