Parties are moving to 12th floor (the top floor) for 2024! Parties happen throughout MarsCon weekend, and this time you will find them grouped together on the 12th floor, close to the Na’nam Con Suite. Many parties have a science fiction or fantasy theme, but parties can also be in celebration of happy events such as birthdays or weddings.Warmest congratulations to one of our party groups celebrating a significant anniversary this year. Qapla’! Many thanks to all of our party hosts for bringing the fun!

There’s still time and space for you or your group to host a party at MarsCon. Slide on down to the bottom of this page for more information.

Here is what you can expect to find on the party floor so far:

Map of the party floor
Parties so far!

Care to host a party?

Whether you are showcasing your club or upcoming event, or would just like a space to chill and hang out with others in a less formal party setting, all types of parties are welcome. Please fill out the Party Room Request below or drop us a note if you are planning a party.

Like to be closer to the action? If you would like your sleeping room on the Party Floor, also please let us know. This can happen. Thank you, party hosts!

Party hosts may wish to use this typical room layout drawing to plan their party layouts. (This is the same layout map we have been sending people to for the past several years.) Remember: your actual room may be a mirror image of this drawing, and may in fact differ in small or large ways: it's a drawing of a room, not your room.

Inflation is everywhere! Everything costs more than it did a year ago, right?


Rates for party rooms are the same as regular sleeping rooms in the MarsCon block ($105.00 + tax per night for a standard room). Remember, the cutoff date for the MarsCon room rate is February 15, 2024. You may book a room at the MarsCon rate here, then email us at with your reservation number. Our party planning personnel will work with the Hilton to move your reservation to the party floor. Parties will be grouped on the 12th floor, which is the top floor of the hotel.

If you are planning to host a party, please fill in the Party Request Form below. It will help us collect all the information we need in one place.

Name of Group hosting the party:

Nights you will need the party room and nights you’ll be hosting a party:

 Thu/Fri, March 7/8 (possible early arrival day) Not needed Room, no party
 Fri/Sat, March 8/9 Not needed Room, no party Party night
 Sat/Sun, March 9/10 Not needed Room, no party Party night
 Sun/Mon, March 10/11 (possible late departure day) Not needed Room, no party

Approximate party hours:

Party Theme/Description:

Name of contact person:

Contact phone number:

Contact email address:

Will you be needing Party Room ONLY - Buttons for any members of your group? (This is NOT a MarsCon badge and will NOT allow access to any areas that are designated as MarsCon Convention Space.)
Yes No

If marked Yes, Please include names and ages of people that you will be needing buttons for.

Will you (likely) want the bed removed from your party room if we can arrange it with the hotel? Price $100.
Yes No

Do you want to enter your party into the Party Room Contest?
Yes No

Do you want your party room adjacent to a particular group? If you do, please state the name of the group:

Do you want your party room not placed next to a particular group? If so, please state the name of the group:
(your request will be kept confidential)

Add any questions or additional requests here:

Send questions about MarsCon to, we’ll do our best to send answers!

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