Mars Today - April 2002

Dear SF/Fantasy Fen,

We appear to be finally escaping from the abyss that is Minnesota winter. (knock on wood) Whether you've been impatiently awaiting new episodes of Buffy / Smallville / Angel / pick your fave or eagerly anticipating (anxiously dreading) the latest Star Wars installment / Spider Man movie / Scooby Doo / LotR, etc... or chomping at the bit to buy the long-awaited sequel to Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children series (or any series, for that matter--my we're a patient lot) or gnawing at your keyboard until the on-line game Star Wars:Galaxies arrives, here is a little news from our little convention to tide you over or at least gobble up a little time while you wait. This issue includes a letter from Artie, registration info, hotel info, movie night info, upcoming planning meeting info, and yet another "thank you" to volunteers (we can't possibly thank them enough). Enjoy!


Hello Fellow Martians,

Not that I don't have enough to do as Con Chair, but I decided to type up a monthly article about the convention and how it is going. The Alien Autopsy went well with a lot of great compliments and some wonderful ideas for improvement. I must say at the outset that the volunteers did a fantastic job of organizing and executing the convention. I personally believe that it was the best one we have done so far. All the people on the 2002 committee and all the volunteers who pitched in at the convention should be congratulated for a job well done.

The Contract for the Hotel: Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport Hilton was signed for 2003 and 2004. We now have a more-or-less permanent home. Room layout will be much the same except that Dealers Room will be greatly expanded and moved to a 2nd floor ballroom near Ops, Registration and Main Stage. Room rates will be the same for 2003. Julie Caitlin Brown will soon be listed as a "confirmed" guest of honor, and more guests will be added. MarsCon 2003 planning seems to be on track.

We are continuing to build the committee. Most of the volunteers from last year will be on board again this year. Some will be in slightly different positions. Variety is the spice of life. If any of the previous con committee want to try out another job, or want to head a committee, please contact me. Here are the positions that have been filled and some of the positions that I want to fill this year:

First, I am looking for an assistant Con Chair. Perhaps one who would like to run the 2004 convention. (Contact F.E.N.S.F. Board for bidding process.) The Co-Chair must be informed and up to date on issues and policies of the Con. S/he must be able to take over if needed, should the Chair be asleep and / or off duty.

Second, we are looking for EXEC members. People on the Exec Committee meet a week before each regular ConCom meeting. They prepare the ConCom meeting agenda and decide which issues should be discussed. Generally Exec are the persons who guide the Con during the planning year. In the past, we have had the Chair, Registration, Finance, and Publications serve on Exec. Our Publications person is stepping back from Exec this year to focus more on other departments, so there is an opening for someone who wants to know the inner workings of the Exec. If you want to be IN THE KNOW, this is the place for you.

Please feel free to volunteer. If there is some position that you want to run that is not listed, but needed, or that needs to be filled yet, give me a call or contact me soon.

2003 Chair - Art Johnson
2003 Assistant Chair - ???????
2002 Chair - Malasondra Doepner (Advisor)
FenSF Board - Art Johnson, Theresa Jones, George Madline
Anime - Star Huset
Art Show - Nora Leverson, Kristy Effinger, Lucia Johnson, Joyce Scrivner
Charity Auction - Brinn(Willis)Hemmingson, Jessie Berg
Charity Auction Donation Collector - Christine LaBounty
Communications - Christine LaBounty
ConSuite - Sybil Smith
Dance/AV Head - John Allen
Database - George Madline
Dealers Room - Jolene Hardy
Dealers Room Advisor - Wayne R. McCloud
Dealers Room Advisor - Bill Willis
Finance - Margie Ross
Food Shelf Donations -
Fundraising - Theresa Jones
Gaming - Mike Silvis, The Source, Score Entertainment
Guest of Honor Escorts -
Guest of Honor Liaison -
Hotel Liaison - Malasondra Doepner
Krushenko's - Eric M. Heideman
Masquerade - Nicole Luckes, Steve McKillen
Master of Ceremonies - Steve McKillen
Minnesota Munchie Movement - Rick Gellman
Music / Karaoke / Filk - Ben Lessinger, Rich Brown
Operations - Debbie Madline
Parties - Malasondra Doepner
Programming - Christine LaBounty
     Programming Host - Ben Huset
     Artists' Programming - Nora Leverson
     Children's Programming - Debbie Madline, Barb Silvis
     Filk Singing - Rich Brown
     Literary Programming - Eric M. Heideman
     Main Stage Programming - Steve McKillen, John Allen, Brian LaBounty, ConCom
     Media Programming - Mary Loving
     Music - Ben Lessinger
     Sciences - Ben Huset, Rich Brown, Dave Buth?
Promotions / Publicity Out of State - Wayne R. McCloud, Andy Rabenn
Publications - Mary Loving
Registration - George Madline
Sales / Concessions - Dov & Laura Magy
Science Room - Ben Huset?, Rich Brown?, Dave Buth?
Security - Matt Brogmus
Video - Nina Boenish
Volunteers - Matt Brogmus, Ron Searby
Web Site - Rich Brown

******Arthur "Artie" Johnson, Mars Chair, Extraordinaire********


Register, oh yes, please do! Registration forms for MarsCon may be found at most local conventions, many comic / gaming stores, and, yes, even on the MarsCon web site: If you're on the MarsCon mailing list, you'll receive a progress report this fall which also contains a registration form. (If you're not on the mailing list or if your address has recently changed, let us know via one of the methods listed below, and we'll fix it.) Just fill out the form and mail it in to register for the convention. On-line registration will soon be possible as well.

Adults $30 or Children (6-12) $15 until 10/31/02
Adults $40 or Children (6-12) $15 until 1/31/03
Adults $50 or Children (6-12) $25 At the Door
Supporting Memberships $15 before 1/31/03 + $25 when you arrive at con


MarsCon 2003 will take place at the Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport Hilton Hotel. Sleeping room rates are $95 per night + tax, and sleeping rooms may be reserved directly through the hotel by calling the Airport Hilton at 952-854-2100. (Very Important: Please mention MarsCon when you call or you will be charged more for your room.)

ConSuite and Room Parties will be grouped together on the 11th floor again. If you are planning to host a party at MarsCon, please reserve your party room(s) through us. You will not need to call the hotel. Party room rates are $115 per night + tax. Party rooms may be reserved by contacting Malasondra (Mistress of Mischief) via any of the methods listed below. Please be sure to include the following information along with your request for a party room:

Party Room Request Info:

  1. Number of rooms requested
  2. Smoking or Non-smoking
  3. Arrival date & checkout date
  4. Party theme
  5. Contact person (name, phone, email, address, nearest spaceport...)
  6. Group / Club, if applicable


On Friday & Saturday, May 24 & 25, 11:30 p.m., MarsCon will sponsor showings of Flash Gordon at the Plaza Maplewood Theatre - 1 block east of White Bear Ave on Larpenteur Ave, Maplewood ( Admission price is $4. Come out and have some fun, see a good movie, and support the MarsCon Convention. Feel free to put it on your calendar and pass this email on to all your movie friends!


MarsCon planning meetings (also known as ConCom Meetings) are generally held on the third Sunday of each month. They are open to all, volunteers and spectators alike, and we encourage you to attend if interested. The next meeting will be held on May 19, 2002, 1:00-4:00 p.m., at the Airport Hilton. (Same place the convention is held)

Directions: Driving EAST from Bloomington, etc: Take I-494 to the 34th Ave exit. Turn south -- away from the airport -- and drive to 80th Street, the first light. Turn east -- left -- and drive all the way past the "Park 'N Fly" ramp. The Hilton driveway will be on your left and the MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge driveway will be on your right.

Directions: Driving WEST from St. Paul, Wisconsin, etc: Take either Highway 5 (St. Paul) or I494 (Wisconsin) to the 34th Ave exit. In either case turn south -- away from the airport -- and drive to 80th Street, the first light. Turn east -- left -- and drive all the way past the "Park 'N Fly" ramp. The Hilton driveway will be on your left and the MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge driveway will be on your right.


MarsCon 2003: "No One Here Is Exactly What He Appears"
Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Hotel, Bloomington, MN
Feb. 28-March 2, 2003 -- All Weekend Long!

E-Mail Address:
Snail Mail: MarsCon, P.O. Box 21213, Eagan, MN 55121
Web Site Address:
Phone: 612-724-0687 (no collect calls, please)

See you there!

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