MarsCon 2005
Airport Marriott Hotel
Bloomington, MN

March 4-6, 2005
MARSCON -- Episide VII

Mars Today - August 2004

Summer salutations!

Thank you to everyone who "played doctor" at MarsCon 2004 or partied with us recently at CONvergence, Minicon, and Anime Detour. We are planning to party a little more at Diversicon, CONsume, and lots of other places before the next MarsCon. Here's the latest:

Movie Sign!!!

The makers of Blue Mars Film Room & Anime are eager to invite you to the second annual "Geek-Out and Space Camp" scheduled for August 21-22nd, 2004, beginning Saturday at high noon, on a farm about 50 miles west of Minneapolis. Whitestar Phoenix members, MarsCon volunteers and guests (past and present), along with family and friends are welcome to join in a fannish party with many tracks of zaniness. Activities will include: Stargazing, movie watching, badminton, croquet, barbecuing, and toasting marshmallows over a campfire. Tents and campers welcome. Musical instruments, telescopes, toys, games, fireworks, extra munchies, bad poetry, bubbles and obscure movies encouraged. There are cats. There are cows. Contact [an error occurred while processing this directive] for more information and directions.

Mars In The News

NASA team members have restricted operations by Spirit and Opportunity as they attempt to diagnose some unexpected behavior exhibited during the rovers' exploration of Mars. (

Meanwhile, a group of engineers, psychologists, geologists and biologists in southern Australia are working to perfect a counter-pressure space suit for future manned missions to Mars. (

This month, CNN will air an hour-long investigation of the possibility of life on Mars entitled "Is Anybody Out There?" (

In Minnesota, for the St. Paul Saints vs. Kansas City T-Bones game on Tuesday, August 10th, Yoplait is sponsoring a 'Mission to Mars' night. They promise the game will be "out of this world." (

MarsCon Basics

MarsCon is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention sponsored by FenSF, Inc., and run completely by volunteers. Convention activities include concerts, panel discussions, parties, gaming, science & art exhibits, specialty vendors, movies, singing, dancing and more. It is a good time. Planned guests include: Jeremy Bulloch, Richard Herd, Timothy Zahn, Stephanie Gannaway-Osborn and Luke Ski!

To register for MarsCon, simply mail in a registration form along with your payment to this address:

P.O. Box 21213
Eagan, MN 55121

Registration forms may be found at many local conventions, at comic/gaming supplies stores, or on the web here.

MarsCon 2005 will be taking place at the Airport Marriott Hotel, located at 2020 American Boulevard East, Bloomington, Minnesota, just across from the Mall of America and IKEA. Sleeping room rates at the Airport Marriott for MarsCon weekend will be $79 + tax per day. To reserve a sleeping room at the Airport Marriott, call 952-854-7441 or 1-800-228-9290, and make sure to mention "MarsCon" in order to get the reduced rates.

This year, MarsCon party rooms are the same price as sleeping rooms, $79 + tax per day. Party rooms will be grouped together on the first floor of the hotel, along with all the other function space. To reserve a party room, please contact MarsCon directly via phone, email or using the Party Room Request Form on our web site here. Once a party room has been assigned, you will be contacted with a confirmation number so you can secure your room with the hotel.

The Games Are Afoot

Do you like to run games? LARPS? Miniatures? Collectible card games? Role-playing games? Now is your chance. We are looking for some volunteers to run games at MarsCon. Gaming will be happening all day and all night throughout the convention weekend. There will be scheduled games and tournaments, as well as open gaming. So warm up those dice and let us know what you'd like to see and how you might be able to help out. Thank you, game masters, volunteers and players!

Caricatures, Sketches, Digital Art, Masterpieces...

We are currently seeking artwork for con t-shirts, volunteer t-shirts, badge art, publications, web site, et cetera, and we'd love to hear from you! Artists who contribute their efforts to MarsCon will be praised in our Program Book and may be provided with gratis copies of the final printed form for their portfolios. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing artwork for MarsCon 2005.

Upcoming Planning Meetings & Events

August 8, 2004 (ConCom)
August 21, 2004 (Geek-Out & Space Camp --see above)
September 12, 2004 (ConCom)
October 10, 2004 (ConCom)
November 14, 2004 (ConCom)
December 12, 2004 (Holiday potluck party)
January 9, 2005 (ConCom)
February 13, 2005 (ConCom)
February 27, 2005 (ConCom)


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Thanks once more to volunteers! We could not possibly do this without you! More volunteers are always welcome & needed!

MarsCon Episode VII: Galactic Pirates & Mercenaries
Airport Marriott Hotel, Bloomington, MN
March 4-6, 2005 -- All Weekend Long!


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