MarsCon 2006
Holiday Inn Select
Bloomington, MN

March 3-5, 2006
things that gobump in thenight

Mars Today - August 2005

Greetings to one and all!

We hope you enjoyed MarsCon last March. Many thanks to the incredible guests, presenters, volunteers and everyone else who made it such fun! Thanks also to the folks who visited our parties at places like Minicon, Anime Detour, and CONvergence! We plan to host more parties in the near future, but first...

News Flash!! Vote Tonight!!!

If you like dee-mented music, now's your chance to have an impact nationwide. Long-time MarsCon favorites and "house" band, THE NICK ATOMS are about to hit the big time, and they need your help. WB23 and Pizza Hut put together an 'American Idol' type show featuring Minnesota bands called 'Strictly Original'. THE NICK ATOMS sent in a submission and they defeated hundreds of other acts to make the top 15! Now they are in the top 3!!

Tonight, August 22nd, THE NICK ATOMS's performance will be broadcast on WB23 at 9:00 p.m. CST. Please tune in and, most importantly, VOTE for THE NICK ATOMS at: See also THE NICK ATOMS for more details. Remember, one vote per computer. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Show the world the power of dee-mented music!

MarsCon Basics

MarsCon is an annual science fiction & fantasy convention sponsored by FenSF, Inc., and run completely by volunteers. Our theme for MarsCon 2006 is "Things that Go Bump in the Night." We will be celebrating our eighth annual MarsCon in spooky style.

The convention takes place March 3-5, 2006, at the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington, Minnesota, close to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and the Mall of America. Room rates at the Holiday Inn Select are $89 for a standard room and $99 for a suite at MarsCon. These rates apply to the party floor (13) and all other floors.

There will be panel discussions, readings and other events featuring our guests, fans and talented authors. Contribute your ideas for programming at:

Masquerade details have been posted at:

Information regarding our Dealers Room may be found at:

More details will be posted to our web site as they arrive.

Planning Meetings

MarsCon is run entirely by volunteers. And, guess what? You qualify! Our planning meetings (a.k.a. ConCom meetings) are open to all - would-be volunteers, spectators, representatives from other Cons and even the mildly curious. (You'll fit right in; we're a curious lot.) They generally happen on Sunday from 1-4pm. Here are some of the upcoming meeting dates:

Mars Today Subscriptions

To add yourself -- or remove yourself -- from our email list please surf to and scroll down to "Subscribing to Mars Today" (to add yourself to our list) or "Mars Today Subscribers" (to remove yourself). Follow the instructions and you're in (or out). If you have any trouble at all with your Mars Today subscription tell the MarsCon webmaster via

Thanks once more to volunteers! We could not possibly do this without you! More volunteers are always welcome & needed!

MarsCon 2006: Things that Go Bump in the Night
Holiday Inn Select, Bloomington, MN
March 3-5, 2006 -- All Weekend Long!

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