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October 2011

Greetings from MarsCon!

MarsCon is a fan-run science fiction convention for all ages held every March in the Twin Cities area. At MarsCon you’ll find panel discussions, parties, guest of honor presentations, music of many kinds, our art show, film/anime room, science room, dealers room, charity auction and Masquerade. The Dementia track is virtually a con in itself. Mix and mingle with a few hundred of your favorite fanish friends at MarsCon 2012. We’ll be Rockin’ the Apocalypse!


Our first Progress Report (to print and share with your friends) may be found online at:

For the latest news, read on and check out our web site ( for frequent updates as the convention approaches.


Join us for an evening of fun at the fifth annual MarsCon Masquerade Ball! Here are the details:


The MarsCon pre-registration rates increase on 10/31/11. Save your dough for the Dealers Room, Art Show and Charity Auction by registering now. Current rates are $35 for teens/adults, $15 for children (ages 6-12). Our Registration page may be found on the web at


The best ideas always come from attendees, so please share your ideas with us. Think about what you’ve seen and liked in past years or at past cons... or maybe what you’ve never seen yet that would be astounding or wonderful to see at MarsCon 2012. Then post your idea for an event to our online programming ideas form at:


To reserve a sleeping room for MarsCon 2012, call 952-854-9000 or toll-free at 1-800-227-6963, and make sure to mention “MarsCon” in order to get the reduced rate. The room rates will be $95 + tax for a regular room and $115 + tax for suites. Parties will be grouped together on the thirteenth floor, close to the Con Suite and Krushenko’s. Smoking parties will be on 12th floor. Hotel info may be found here: & the party room request form may be found at:


Gaming will run as late as people want it to. If you missed any of the events, many are returning for MarsCon 2012, plus some new ones that are sure to please! Remember to get your game requests and other suggestions in at . Space for demos and scheduled events is limited. People can sign up for any block of time to host whatever games they want, no matter how ridiculous. Any open space remaining will allow Open Gaming, which is always good. Thanks for the continued support.


Planning meetings, a.k.a. ConCom meetings, take place through the year. You needn’t be a member of the committee to attend. We welcome visitors, representatives of other groups, and the mildly curious. We promise to not press-gang you ... unless you express an interest in volunteering. All meetings are from 1-4pm and are at the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites, 3 Appletree Square, Bloomington, MN. Look at the hotel events schedule once you arrive at the Crowne Plaza to see which room we’re in on that date.

Here’s the schedule:

Current email: (Our email address changes often due to spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam. Surf to: for how to contact us if ever an address is not working.)

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To add yourself—or remove yourself—from our email list please surf to and scroll down to “Subscribing to Mars Today” (to add yourself to our list) or “Mars Today Subscribers” (to remove yourself). Follow the instructions and you’re in (or out). If you have any trouble at all with your Mars Today subscription tell the MarsCon webmaster (contact info).

Thanks once more to volunteers! We could not possibly do this without you! More volunteers are always welcome & needed!

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March 9-11, 2012

Crowne Plaza Hotel and Suites

(Same hotel, different name)
3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, MN 55425

Questions about MarsCon:

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If you are searching for the Marscon in Williamsburg, VA click here. They are worried about a 2012 Apocalypse too.

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